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titlemake a single final file using the cat command and copy to a useful work directory
# remember that things after the # sign are ignored by bash
cat GVA2022.output.txt >
mkdir $WORK/GVA2022
mkdir $WORK/GVA2021/end_of_course_summary/  # each directory must be made in order to avoid getting a no such file or directory error
cp $WORK/GVA2022/end_of_course_summary/
cp what_i_did* $WORK/GVA2022/end_of_course_summary/  # note this grabs the 2 output files generated by tacc about your job run as well as the .slurm file you created to tell it how to run your commands file
cp commands $WORK/GVA2022/end_of_course_summary/