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In small experimental rooms, cameras can easily be moved both within and between rooms by following the following steps:

How to move an IP Camera in CMB1 BSL Small Experimental Rooms


1. Unscrew the 2 knobs at the top of the camera assembly and slide the lockblock down to disengage it from the wall track.

2. If moving between rooms, disconnect the camera from the jackpanel.
Note that there are 2 lengths of camera snakes.
Green snakes are 35' long
Blue snakes are 25' long.

3. Lift the camera assembly off the track and rehang where desired. Alternately, slide the assembly side-to-side.

4. Reconnect the camera snake to the jackpanel. There are 3 connections:
Cam Power
Cam Audio
Cam Ethernet

5. Note the name of the camera you just moved.

6. Log into usher ( and click on Behavioral Science Lab Administration

7. Click on the Camera configuration tab

8. Click the pencil tool to edit the camera you just moved.

9. Choose to enable or disable the camera using the checkbox in the "Activate Camera" column.
If a camera is disabled, it will not appear to users.
Choose which room the camera is intalled in.

10. Click the checkmark to save your settings. If you want to cancel your edit, click the red X.

How to move an IP Camera in CMB1 Large Rooms (Focus Group Room & Natural Viewing Room)


1. Submit a ticket to Communication Technology Services ( requesting the camera(s) be moved. Please indicate where the cameras should be installed. Note that these requests may take a few days to be completed.


2. Once the cameras have been moved, follow the steps above beginning at #5 to update its location in Usher.