What is AppLocker?

Engineering has a security policy in place called AppLocker.  AppLocker restricts which applications can run on a managed PC.  This policy is part is part of standard best practices used throughout the college and provides an important line of defense against malware or other infections.

When an application is blocked by AppLocker you will get this error message: 

What applications are allowed?

  • Any application can be run from this list of white-listed folders: AppLocker White-listed folders
  • If you are coding or running scripts, you MUST run these from one of the White-listed folders in your Windows Profile.
  • Administrators can run any application from any folder (right-click on application and select "run as administrator")
  • We have several other application allowed like webex clients and the Box download client.

What can I do if I get the error?

There are several different options depending on what the application is

  • If the application doesn't need administrator rights, try copying it to a white-listed folder and execute it from there
    • Use this option for small older apps what install to c:\ or for apps you are developing
  • Run the command as administrator by right-clicking and choosing "run as administrator"
  • Contact the service desk for help (service.desk@engr.utexas.edu
    • We're happy to make an exception for your work apps when the above aren't options