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How does this project fit with the strategy?



Problem space

Why are we doing this?

Problem statement

The goal is to track CII Committee, Teams and CBAs in Salesforce. This includes membership on the committee and attendance at meetings.  The goal is to have a tool to manage the data and to report on participation at the committee level, member company level, and for CII overall. 

Impact of this problem

Committees and teams are key to CII's success. In Salesforce, we've paired committee membership management with attendance. This will provide an easy-to-manage participation portal for Associate Directors and staff alike.

How do we judge success?

What are possible solutions?

We've got committee tracking figured out, but we need help from the users to develop reports and dashboards.


What do we already know?

CII has 35 years of committee membership. This module will allow an accurate assessment of participation and engagement.

What do we need to answer?

What kind of reports do staff members need to track participation?

What kinds of reports does the SLC, SPC and membership need to gauge engagement?

Ready to make it

What are we doing?

We are importing data from iMIS and testing it out in Salesforce.

Why will a customer want this?

Reporting on actual participation has always been difficult, but it is essential to CII.

Visualize the solution

The Eventlog sandbox has the current version. We need to review it and get it launched to production.

Scale and scope

There's standing, sector and leadership committees, plus research teams and CBAs. There's also 35 years of committees that have sunset.

Task List

  • Brendan Miller Add "assignment roles" such as Knowledge Management, etc
  • Susan M Quaglino Review imports and come up with testing plan to ensure data quality.

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