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  • How do I determine if my ID card is enabled for proximity readers?
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All of the exterior doors to the FAC 3rd floor office suites, as well as the stairwell and conference room doors, are controlled by proximity card readers rather than traditional key locks (interior office doors will still have regular cylinder/key locks). Most of these doors will be programmed to be open during regular business hours, but will require an authorized UT ID to open when locked.

In order to use these card readers, your UT ID card needs to be made from a special card stock that has a card reader element inside. Most of you probably do not have this, and will need a new UT ID card.

You can tell if your ID card already has the proximity reader element by looking at the back for a small blue "HID" logo:

If your card does not have this logo, you need to visit the ID center on the first floor of FAC to get a new card with the proximity reader element. You will have to exchange your current ID for the new one, but they should not charge you for this upgrade. If they try to charge you, explain that your office is moving to a new floor with proximity card readers installed. I encourage you to take care of this ASAP, so that you will not need to worry about it during or after the move.