MRH 2.632

2019-20 Hours

Monday–Friday 6pm-10pm

Saturday 12-4pm | 6pm-10pm

Sunday 10am-4pm | 6pm-10pm

Key checkout policy

Keys for temporary access to rooms are available for checkout from the MSC. It is rare that you would need to check out a key as reserved classrooms are typically unlocked each morning. If you have a confirmed reservation and do check out a key, please return it to the MSC or the drop box outside of the MSC immediately after use. If you fail to return the key, you will be billed for the cost of rekeying and your account barred. Rekeying costs can run well above $500 as some rooms have multiple doors and some keys serve multiple rooms.

Lost & Found

The Butler School Lost & Found is kept in the Music Service Center. We will not hold on to clothes, water bottles, or coffee tumblers. Items left for a year are transferred to the UT Police Department Lost & Found.

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