The Materials Science and Engineering Program offers graduate study and research in diverse technical fields. You will select one of these areas as your major focus. Our program is highly individualized, and you will likely pursue interests that cut across more than one research area.

Degrees in the MS&E program are approached in 3 ways: a terminal master’s degree, a master’s degree followed by a PhD, or direct admission into the PhD program. You need to decide which plan you want to follow and discuss your decision with your faculty supervisor and the graduate advisor. Final approval will depend on your previous educational achievements and other qualifications, including work experience.

By selecting a specific Thrust area, students are able to study core MS&E subjects but also develop depth within a specific area of study that cuts across multiple aspects of science and engineering. Both MSE and PhD students should choose a Thrust area as soon as practical; we encourage this selection before the end of the first semester. If you wish to change your Thrust area, first talk to your supervisor and then report the change to the graduate coordinator.  The following are Thrust areas are:

  1. General Materials Science
  2. Nanomaterials
  3. Clean Energy Materials

Please see our website for more information on Thrust areas.

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