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  • LAITS is not responsible for customer data
  • Our interactions with customer data are designed to minimize risk
  • We utilize UTbackup as an intermediary service to ensure all relevant files are transferred
    • see UTbackup page
  • Recommend UTBox or other approved Cloud Services for document storage

Faculty and Staff files are one of the most important assets at the University of Texas. Therefore, it is vital that appropriate measures are in-place to ensure that our customers' data is safe from computer failure, loss, and theft.

LAITS recommends a combination of methods to ensure that data is as secure as possible.

Storing Files in UTBox

Click Here to see the UT Box help page

UTBox is a campus-wide service that allows faculty, staff, and students at the University of Texas at Austin to use Box cloud-based file sharing for business and academic purposes. It is run by the UT Information Security Office

Files stored in UT Box are automatically synced between computers and the Box Cloud service. Therefore, if a computer were to be broken, lost, or stolen, the files will remain available. 

NOTE: LAITS and others at the university cannot access your files in UT Box unless you have explicitly shared them with us. 

If you prefer to use a different cloud service, please see the Information Security Office (ISO) guide to the types of approved data for each service

Backing up files with UTBackup

Managing Your UTBackup

If you do not store your files in Box, the university provides a free service to help back up your locally-stored files.

LAITS configures UTBackup (Crashplan) on every computer with the following default settings.

Notes about backups:

  • Additional folders can be added or excluded upon request. 
  • Each person is responsible for ensuring that their backups continue, LAITS does not monitor backup status after the initial configuration
  • Backups are only configured on EID login accounts, files stored on an alternate account (such as a local admin) will not be backed-up

Operating SystemIncluded Files (default)Excluded Files (default)
Windows 10

User Folder(C:\Users\)

  • AppData (hidden)
  • Contacts
  • Desktop
  • Documents
  • Downloads
  • Favorites
  • Links
  • Music
  • Pictures
  • Saved Games
  • Searches
  • Videos

NOTE: Certain software will add files/folders to the user profile. These files will be included, even if they aren't listed here.

Cloud Service folders

  • Box - ..\eid\Box
  • Dropbox - ..\eid\Dropbox
  • OneDrive - ..\eid\OneDrive
  • OneDrive for Business - ..\eid\OneDrive

Certain App Data subfolders

  • ..\Local\Box
  • ..\Local\Microsoft
  • ..\Roaming\Pole Position Software
  • ..\Roaming\Slack

Users Folder (/Users/)

  • Desktop
  • Documents
  • Downloads
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Pictures
  • Public

NOTE: Certain software will add files/folders to the user profile. These files will be included, even if they aren't listed here.

Cloud Service folders

  • Box - ..\eid\Box
  • Dropbox - ..\eid\Dropbox
  • OneDrive - ..\eid\OneDrive
  • OneDrive for Business - ..\eid\OneDrive

Transferring Data

When it is necessary to move data from one computer to another, LAITS uses the UTBackup service to facilitate the transfer. This ensures that the set of moved files exactly matches the original.

Notes on Data Transfers:

  • UTBackup targets the individual user profile, therefore files/data on alternate user profile (such as a local administrator) will not be transferred 
  • LAITS will inquire about other storage locations, but cannot guarantee that all files will be found
  • Replaced computers (if viable) are stored for 7 days before they are wiped and re-purposed. Missing files will not be retrievable after that time

LAITS will not hold files/data on behalf of any person for any reason. If temporary storage is needed during a support interaction, UT Box (under the control of the customer) will be the storage location


Need Help? Contact LAITS!
UTBox Service

UTBox can be accessed via or from

Service Information

Management Policy:

  • LAITS does not have access to files stored within individuals' Box folders
  • Each supported department has a shared folder, which LAITS
UTBackup Service

UTBackup, run by central ITS at UT, provides an enterprise-level, centralized, and automated end-point backup solution for the UT Austin campus.

Service Information

UTBackup Essential Information

Management Policy:

  • Devices are deactivated after 6 months of no server contact
  • Deactivated device data is retained for 60 days in cold storage, then deleted.
  • Users are deactivated if not associated with an active device
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