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  • How to Get Assistance in Promoting an Event/Production
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Submit your event information directly HERE.

Department Resources

  • Wiki: Contains information on many department resources i.e. room reservations
  • Flat Screens: Run ads on screens in the Payne Lobby and atrium
  • Social Media: Share your event info on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
    • Submit through “Event Submission Form” as well.
  • Poster/Flyer Display: Display poster on board outside main office. Drop off your poster at front desk in the main office for approval.
    • Post your collateral freely throughout the rest of the building. Please be considerate of other’s materials and/or purpose of board.

How to Promote Your Event

Suggested Marketing Timeline:

  • 2-3 months before event:
    • Create marketing materials
      • Marketing strategy (determine what you will do to market your show - do you have a budget for materials? Is this a print or digital campaign?)
      • Define your audience (How much space do you have? Are you hoping to engage a specific audience? Devise strategies to reach that audience)
      • Event description (and/or press release
      • Event images- web images, press images, posters/flyer, slides
      • If your project has a bigger budget, order any needed posters or print materials. (We suggest Document Solutions or Print Place). 

  • 1 month before:
    • Create Facebook event (share with local arts community and personal community) Be sure to keep this information update as you get closer to your production.
    • Submit slides to campus flat screens (see list below)
    • For external audiences- submit to local calendar listings (see list below)
    • FOR EVENTS HAPPENING IN WINSHIP OR DIRECTLY AFFILIATED WITH THE DEPARTMENT OF THEATRE AND DANCE: Submit web-ready files (500x500 pixels and 1450x550 pixels) to be added to the Department calendar on the website. Email with additional questions or issues. 

  • Within that month:
    • Reach out to interested parties
      • Student groups, professors, external groups
      • Other arts organizations in the Austin area
      • Local schools and theatre programs 
      • Groups that may have a special interest in the subject mater of your piece (ex. If the focus of your work is on sustainability, reach out to local authorities and organizations who also support this mission)
    • Post regular, engaging content on social media platforms. Be sure to tag relevant organizations and engage your audience. 
    • Post flyers and posters at local theatre venues, coffee shops, book stores, etc. 
  • 2-3 weeks before:
    • Submit info/slide to Event Submission Form
    • Send your press release to the Daily Texan
    • Distribute any collateral (around campus and in building)

  • 1 week before


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Campus Flat Screen Online Submission Forms:

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