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***Consult these two documents when framing news stories***

***Contact Trent Lesikar with any questions or story pitches***

April 2020:

Thursday, April 2: Undergraduate Consultants Win Award at National Conference (up)

Monday, April 6: Six Undergraduate Studies Students Recognized at Honors Day (link) (up)

Thursday, April 9: The Sanger Learning Center is Open Online (link) (up)

Thursday, April 16: Virtual Research Week poster session (up)

Monday, April 20: Flags Writing Awards announcement (up)

Wednesday, April 22: Web Workshop: Graduate School Planning (up)

Friday, April 24: Longhorn Research Poster Session Goes Digital (up)

Monday, April 27: BDP Poster Session link (up) (removed 4/29)

Wednesday, April 29: Signature Course Information Literacy Award Winners Announced (up)

Coming Soon?:
  • Parent pledged $ story?
  • Archer $ story?
  • Council/Legislation news story?
  • Wayfinder profiles (the best of - tile slot)


Evergreen Stories:



May 2014:

Thursday, May 1st: Patty's Eyes of Texas Award (up)

Tuesday, May 6th: Pam Paxton Power of Philanthropy check ceremony (up)

Thursday, 8th: Outstanding Staff Awards Story (up)

Monday, May 12th: Forty Acres Scholar announcement (up)

Wednesday, May 14th: Blurb that links out to BDP certificate ceremony happening Thursday (up)

Friday, May 16th:  Graduation piece that links out to outstanding student profiles (up)

Tuesday, May 20th: Jeff Tsai named 2014 Outstanding Young Texas Ex (up)

Monday 26th: McDowell Award Winner article (up)

June 2014:

Wednesday, June 4: Orientation kicks off-- #AskVick (up)

Monday, June 9: Summer Exploration Grant Winner (up)

Friday, June 13: BDP students finalists in video game competition (up)

Tuesday: June 17: 2013-14 Sustainability Course Development and PLUS Awards (up) 

Tuesday, June 24: Freshman Reading Round-Up artist story (up)

FRR book list: UT carousel (up)

July 2014:

Wednesday, July 16th: Phaedra receives 2014 Taking Initiative to Create Positive Change ACA Advising Award. (up)

Thursday, July 24: Honors Colloquium preview (up)

August 2014:

Wednesday, August 6: Summer Research Scholars 2014 Poster Presentation (up)

Monday, Aug. 25: Gone to UGS and FRR preview

Friday, Aug. 29: BDP Welcomes First Class of Digital Arts Scholars (up)

Friday, Aug. 29: BDP Alumna Teaches Abroad (up)

September 2014:

Wednesday, Sept. 3: Gone to UGS Recap (up)

Wednesday, Sept. 17: CARE Counselor at the Vick Center (up)

Monday, Sept. 22: FRR recap (up) 

Thursday, Sept. 25: Campaign for Texas and UGS (up)

Thursday, Sept. 25: Teagle Grant / Ethics blurb (link to main UT story) (up)

October 2014:

Tuesday, Oct. 7: Lecture Series Recap (up)

Monday, Oct. 13: BDP Application Deadline (up)

Monday, Oct. 27: Family Weekend Recap (up)

November 2014:

Friday, Nov. 7: Summer Exploration Grant Recap Story (up)

Monday, Nov. 10: FIG Mentor Application Deadline (1st deadline is Nov. 14) (secondary story, blurb & link) (up)

Friday, Nov. 14: Conducting Research Abroad (Rob's story) (up)

Thursday, Nov. 20: BDP Shark Tank blurb (up)

December 2014:

Monday, Dec. 8: Technology in the Humanities - Rob's Research Story #2 (up)

Friday, Dec. 12: UGS Staff Awards and award recap for 2014 (up)

Friday, Dec. 19: Top Five of 2014: Year in Review (up)

January 2015:

Thursday, Jan. 15Top Five Things I Wish I Knew in College (up)

February 2015:

Friday, Feb. 6Rob's SpinTX Story (up)

Friday, Feb. 6Link to Daily Texan article about BDP student's app (up)

Friday, Feb. 13: Ethics & Leadership BDP Alumna Plans Career in Public Health Policy (up)

Monday, Feb. 23David Spight elected NACADA president (up)

Monday, Feb. 23: Sanger Infographic in the second spot (up)

Friday, Feb. 27: UGS Week Announcement (up)

March 2015:

Wednesday, March 4: UGS @ Explore UT blurb (up)

Monday, March 9: Undergraduate Research Day at the capitol (up)

Friday, March 27: Dean shows support for #NotOnMyCampusUT campaign (up)

April 2015:

Monday, April 6: Message from Dean for 40 Hours for the Forty Acres (up)

Monday, April 13: First-year students participating in research (up)

Wednesday, April 15: 40 for 40 follow-up (up)

Thursday, April 16: Seven UGS Students Highlighted at Honors Day (up)

Friday, April 17: Research Week preview (up)

Monday, April 27: Research Week photo gallery (up)

May 2015:

Monday, May 4: Finals Studying Advice from Sanger staff ("Top 5") (up)

Wednesday, May 6: President's Staff Awards honors 3 UGS staff members blurb (up)

Friday, May 8: Outstanding Staff Award Announcement (up)

Monday, May 11:  Coffee Spoons and Final Exams (up)

Monday, May 18Cale McDowell Award story (up)

Wednesday, May 20: Congratulate graduating seniors with short profiles of outstanding students (up)

Wednesday, May 20: UGS featured in latest episode of The Hook (up)

Monday, May 25: James Graham Moses Scholarship fund (up)

June 2015:

Monday, June 1: Farewell to Powers - Champion of UGS (up)

Monday, June 8: Summer Exploration Grant winners (up)

Friday, June 12: Summer reading list of FRR books (up)

Tuesday, June 16: Registration tips for orientation (up)

Monday, June 22: Two BDP Alumni Awarded Fulbright Grants (up)

July 2015:

Wednesday, July 8: Five Steps to Finding Research Projects (from Agnes) (up)

Monday, July 13: TACC Vislab research (from Rob) (up)

Thursday, July 16: George Schorn Inside Higher Ed blurb link (up)

Wednesday, July 22: Honors Colloquium preview (up)

Tuesday, July 28: BDP Video (up)

August 2015:

Monday, August 10LCCE-Austin City Hall Fellows Program (up)

Thursday, August 20Back to school tips (up)

Wednesday, August 26: FRR / Gone to UGS recap (up)

Monday, August 31: Philanthropy course featured in Daily Texan (up)

September 2015:

Wednesday, Sept. 9: Guy Raffa's Pop Matter's essay blurb (up)

Wednesday, Sept. 9: Sanger's deadline calendar blurb (up)

Friday, Sept. 11: Texan blurb to UGS opinion piece (up)

Monday, Sept. 21Research Showdown announcement (up)

Tuesday, Sept. 29University Lecture Series event recap (up)

October 2015:

Friday, Oct. 2: Magellan's Circle preview (up)

Wednesday, Oct. 7: BDP Students Go to Washington (up)

Wednesday, Oct. 7: Texas Student Research Showdown Voting Open (up)

Tuesday, Oct. 20Family Weekend event recap (up)

Monday, Oct. 26: Jay Whitehead's calculus tips / tutoring story (up)

Tuesday, Oct. 27: Finalists announced in TX Student Research Showdown (up)

November 2015:

Friday, Nov. 6: Quick Tips for Success in an Online Course (up)

Tuesday, Nov. 10Faculty workshop story from LW (up)

Monday, Nov. 16: Research Showdown winner announced (up)

Monday, Nov. 16FIG mentor application due Nov. 18 - blurb & link in 2nd spot (up)

Thursday, Nov. 19: Research or Conference Travel Scholarship deadline blurb & link in second spot (up)

Wednesday, Nov. 25: Juan Dominguez's Signature Course visit to the Blanton (blurb & link) (up)

December 2015:

Tuesday, Dec. 1: Summer Exploration Grant Story (up)

Monday, Dec. 7: 5 Tips that Helped me Survive Finals (rerun) (up)

Thursday, Dec. 17Doubling Down on Student Presentations - Chronicle of Higher Ed story on Signature Course (blurb) (up)

Friday, Dec. 18UGS Staff Award (up)

January 2016:

Monday, Jan. 11: Five Ways to Meet Your Academic Goals and Still Have a Life (rerun) (up)

Wednesday, Jan. 27: Signature Course Combines Art and Healthcare (Daily Texan link) (up)

February 2016:

Wednesday, Feb. 10Spring Lecture Series preview (up)

Monday, Feb. 15: Internal Transfer piece from LW (up)

Thursday, Feb. 25: Dean's Honors list announcement / ceremony recap (up)

Friday, Feb. 26: Summer Exploration Grant in China (deadline March 4) (post in second spot)

March 2016:

Tuesday, March 1: Blurb and link to press release about Public Speaking Center Pilot (up)

Monday, March 7: Explore UT Recap w/ photos (up)

Monday, March 21: Museum Studies BDP Announcement (up)

~ ~ ~ Compass Points goes out Wednesday, March 23 ~ ~ ~

Monday, March 28: Jeanette Herman @ Symposium (blurb) (up)

April 2016:

Monday, April 4: Dean Iverson's Anthrax drug FDA approval (blurb) (up)

Monday, April 11: Interdisciplinary Studies Week recap (up)

Monday, April 11: Video Profile: Whitney Barlow (up)

Monday, April 18: Research Week 2016 Kicks Off (up)

Monday, April 18: Video Profile: Camille Brooks (up)

Monday, April 25: Dean's message ahead of 40 Hours for the Forty Acres (up)

Thursday, April 28: Research Week photo gallery (up)

May 2016:

Monday, May 2: Five Tips for Finals Studying (re-run) (up)

Thursday, May 5: Texas Ten - five signature course professors picked (up)

Wednesday, May 11Undergraduate Awards story from Rob (deadline May 31) (second spot) (up)

Wednesday, May 18: McDowell Award (up)

Monday, May 23: 40 for Forty recap (up)

Wednesday or Thursday: Holleran Steiker Award

Thursday, May 26: Compass Points - semester in review

June 2016:

Re-runRegistration Tips for Orientation (up - run on homepage throughout summer)

Thursday, June 1610 Tips to Be a Successful UGS Student (run on homepage throughout summer)

~ ~ ~ Compass Points goes out Thursday, June 30 ~ ~ ~

July 2016:

Monday, July 5: Summer Exploration Grant winner announcement (up)

August 2016:

Monday, Aug. 1: Read the Books UT Professors Love

Monday, Aug. 1: Video Profile: Whitney Barlow 

Monday, Aug. 1: Summer Exploration Grant Winners Chosen

Monday, Aug. 1: Link to Gone to UGS event page

Monday, Aug. 1: Brent's TEDx Talk 

Monday, Aug. 1Public Speaking Center link 

Thursday, Aug. 25: Larry's Diving Article 

Friday, Aug. 26: Back to School Tips (rerun) 

Friday, Aug. 26: Class of 2020 Enjoys Semester Kick-off 

Friday, Aug. 26: Incoming Student Practice Leadership 

Monday, Aug. 29: Archer Hadley Philanthropy Award 

September 2016:

Thursday, Sept. 1: UGS Council video (up)

Tuesday, Sept 20: UGS Donor Profile: Meet Walt Saunders (up)

Tuesday, Sept 20: UGS Welcomes New CARE Counselor (up)

Monday, Sept. 26: Lecture Series Encourages Participation in Research and Politics (up)

Thursday, Sept 29: Transfer Celebration (up)

Thursday, Sept 29: Family Weekend (up)

Thursday, Sept 29: Signature Course Stories (up)

October 2016:

Monday, Oct. 4: Five Tips to Get Back on Track After a Tough Exam (rerun) 

Thursday, Oct. 6: Research Showdown Voting Open (link - voting over after Oct 19) (up) 

Tuesday, Oct. 11: Josh Roebke Whiting Foundation Grant (up)

 Thursday, Oct. 13: Archer's Challenge (up)

 Monday, Oct. 17: UGS Liaisons program (up)

 Monday, Oct. 24: Showdown Finalists Announced / promo for Final (up)

November 2016:

Tuesday, Nov. 1: Dear Liaison #1: McCombs (up)

Monday, Nov. 7: Midterms Tips (up)

Thursday, Nov. 17Dean's List Reception (up)

Thursday, Nov. 17: Research Showdown final results (up)

Monday, Nov. 21: Dear Liaison #2: Homesickness (up)

Monday, Nov. 28: Dean's Anthrax research featured on podcast (link) (up)

December 2016:

Thursday, Dec. 1: Writing Flag contest deadline (link) (up)

Monday, Dec. 5: 12 Days of Finals Prep (link to dean's Twitter) (up)

Thursday, Dec. 15: Holiday card graphic w/ link to video slideshow (up)

Thursday, Dec. 15: Profile on Rhodes Scholar Mikaila V. Smith (up)

Friday, Dec. 16: "Why Undergraduate Research" video (up)

Tuesday, Dec. 20: Summer Exploration Grant follow-up (up)

January 2017:

Wednesday, Jan. 4: Dear Liaison: Engineering (up)

Tuesday, Jan. 10: Five Ways to Meet Your Academic Goals and Still Have a Life (up)

Tuesday, Jan. 10: Semester Calendar at a Glance (up)

Friday, Jan. 27: FIG appreciation event (brief w/ photos) (up)

Monday, Jan. 30Résume review from Alison (up)

Tuesday, Jan. 31: Dell Med Signature Course lecture series (link) (up)

February 2017:

Wednesday, Feb. 1: Sign up to shadow students during Interdisciplinary Studies Week (link) (up)

Friday, Feb. 3: University Lecture Series promo ahead of 1st on Feb. 7 (link) (up)

Friday, Feb. 10: Dear Liaisons: Getting Involved (up)

Thursday, Feb. 16: How to Get Back on Track After a Tough First Exam (rerun) (up)

Wednesday, Feb. 22: UGS Liaisons panel recap (up)

March 2017:

Monday, March 6: Explore UT photo gallery (up)

Monday, March 6: Interdisciplinary Studies Week recap (up)

Thursday March 9: Self-care Spring Break tips story (up)

Thursday, March 16: Council / Senate Legislation Contest (up)

Friday, March 24: Writing Flag Award winners (up)

Wednesday, March 29: New Architecture BDP (up)

Thursday, March 30: Spring '17 Dean's List (up)

April 2017:

Monday, April 3: Undergraduate research day at the capitol recap (up)

Friday, April 7: Honors Day blurb (up)

Monday, April 10: Transfer / Grad Celebration with photos (up)

Monday, April 10: Dear Liaisons: Second Choice Major (tile) (up)

Tuesday, April 11: Student Transfer Leadership Summit recap w/ photos (up)

Wednesday, April 12: Research Week event preview (up)

Thursday, April 13: Blackstone announcement w/ photos (up)

Thursday, April 20: Lori Holleran Steiker - Edith Clarke Award (up)

Monday, April 24: Research Week photo gallery (up)

Wednesday, April 26: Texas Transfer student org award win blurb (up)

May 2017:

Friday, May 5: Spotlight on Undergraduate Studies Sophomore Ivy Tran (up)

Monday, May 8: Staying Motivated Before Finals (re-run) (up)

Monday, May 8: Remembering Harrison Brown (up)

Friday, May 12: Undergraduate Studies Awards Innovation in Art and Technology (up)

Tuesday, May 16: More Participants Help Undergraduate Studies Surpass Fundraising Goal (up)

Friday, May 19: Discovery Scholars Graduates Share Tips for Class of 2021 (up)

Wednesday, May 24: Three UGS Students Explore Majors This Summer (up)

June 2017:

Monday, June 5: Orientation Tips from Undergraduate Studies Students (up)

Tuesday, June 20: Watch: Undergraduate Studies Welcome Events (video link) (up)

Tuesday, June 20: Watch: Undergraduate Research (video link) (up)

Friday, June 30: Undergraduate Awards announcement (from Rob)

July 2017:

Wednesday, July 12: SLC Featured in U.S. News and World Report (up)

August 2017:

Monday, Aug. 7: Pop-Up Institute Addresses Youth Substance Misuse (up)

Monday, Aug. 7: 10 Tips to be a Successful UGS Student (re-run) (up)

Friday, Aug. 25: Back to School Events (up)

Monday, Aug. 28: [rerun] Five Ways to Meet Your Academic Goals and Still Have a Life (up)

Thursday, Aug 31: Welcome back photo gallery (up)

September 2017:

Friday, Sept. 1: UGS Curriculum Specialist for Writing Guest Blogging at Inside Higher Ed (link) (up)

Monday, Sept. 4: ULS Announcement (link) (up)

Monday, Sept. 11: 12th class day page (link) (up)

Wednesday, Sept. 13: Wayfinder re-launch (up)

Friday, Sept. 15: Student Research Showdown 2017 (up)

Friday, Sept. 22: Blackstone LaunchPad Aids Student Entrepreneurs (up)

Friday, Sept. 29: Fifteen Years of Bridging Disciplines (up)

October 2017:

Friday, Oct. 6: Liaison Panel #2 recap w/ promo for #3 (up)

Monday, Oct. 16: Dear UGS Liaison: Office Hours (up)

Tuesday, Oct. 17: Career Conversations with Matt Wright (up)

Thursday, Oct. 19: Showdown Voting Open (closes Oct. 25) (up)

Thursday, Oct. 26: Research Showdown Final Event Details (link) (up)

Thursday, Oct. 26: Success Starts Here playlist (up)

Monday, Oct. 30: Family Weekend recap with photo gallery (up)

November 2017:

Monday, Nov. 6: EUREKA relaunch (up)

Thursday, Nov. 16: 2017 Texas Student Research Showdown Winners Announced (up)

Tuesday, Nov. 21: School of Undergraduate Studies Students Give Back (up)

Monday, Nov. 27: Dear Liaisons: Time Management Tips (up)

December 2017:

Monday, Dec. 4: Writing Flag Award Deadline (up)

Wednesday, Dec. 13: A Look Back at 2017 in the School of Undergraduate Studies (up)

Thursday, Dec. 21: Pets of UGS (running Dec. 6-20 on social media)

January 2018:

Tuesday, Jan. 9: Summer Exploration Grant recap and application announcement (up)

Wednesday, Jan. 10: Campus Art Promotes Interdisciplinary Thinking (up)

Wednesday, Jan. 17Plan Ahead With a Deadline Calendar (up)

Friday, January 19: Announcing new Blackstone Director (up)

Monday, January 22: UGS Staff/Supervisor Awards (up)

Tuesday, January 23: Brent's Intellectual Cross-Training op-ed (up)

Monday, January 29: Three Resources for Finding an Internship (up)

February 2018:

Wednesday, Feb. 7: Teaching Bilingualism at the Blanton (up)

Thursday, Feb. 8: Announcing New Leadership at the Blackstone LaunchPad (up)

Friday, Feb. 9: Submit a Proposal for the Student Education Forum (up)

Tuesday, Feb. 13: Peer Mentors Help Undecided Students Explore Majors (up)

Thursday, Feb. 15: Spring University Lecture Series Promo (up)

Wednesday, Feb. 21: The Effects of Smartphones on Studying (up)

Friday, Feb. 23: Submit an Abstract for the Longhorn Research Poster Session (up)

Wednesday, Feb. 28: Schedule of Events for Explore UT (up)

March 2018:

Monday, March 5: Blackstone LaunchPad at SXSW EDU (up)

Monday, March 5: Undergraduate Studies at Explore UT (up)

Monday, March 5: Sanger Learning Center Removes Fees for One-on-One Tutoring (up)

Wednesday, March 7: Transfer Leadership Summit Welcomes Students From Across Texas (up)

Thursday, March 8: UGS Funds Development of Computer Science Ethics Course (up)

Monday, March 19: Dear UGS Alumni Guide: Deciding on a Major (up)

Monday, March 26: Announcing New Bridging Disciplines Certificate in Design Strategies (up)

Thursday, March 29: 2017 Writing Flag Award Winners Announced (up)

April 2018:

Thursday, April 5: Three Students Awarded Funding for Research (up)

Thursday, April 12: See How Undergraduate Studies Is Future-Proofing UT Grads (tile) (up)

Thursday, April 12: Undergraduate Studies Celebrates Transfers and Graduates (up)

Friday, April 13: Research Week Preview (up)

Tuesday, April 17: Seven UGS Students Recognized at Honors Day (up)

Friday, April 20: Research Exchange Promotes Collaboration and Camaraderie (up)

Monday, April 23: Perspectives on Undergraduate Research (up)

Thursday, April 26: Watch: How One Student Made the Most of Her Time in UGS (up)

Monday, April 30: Bridging Disciplines Student Named Finalist in Grant Competition (up)

Monday, April 30: Student Educators Share Experiences at Forum (up)

May 2018:

Tuesday, May 1: Transfer Student Group Awarded (up)

Thursday, May 3: Signature Courses Collaborate with Blanton Museum and BeVocal (up)

Monday, May 7: Announcing 2018 Summer Exploration Grant Winners (up)

Thursday, May 10: Link to Student Advisory Board application (due May 16) (up)

Tuesday, May 15: Vick Center Receives Murff Award (up) 

Thursday, May 17: Meet the Mace (up)

June 2018:

Friday, June 1: Watch: The Value of the Skills & Experience Flags (up)

Friday, June 1: Orientation Tips from Undergraduate Studies Students (up)

Wednesday, June 6: University of Texas Hosts Reinvention Collaboration meeting (up)

July 2018:

Tuesday, July 3: Student Mentors Share Experiences at Conference (up)

Monday, July 9: Faculty Member Awarded for Interdisciplinary Work (up)

Monday, July 16: Freshman Reading Round-Up artist profile (up)

August 2018:

Monday, August 6: Undergraduate Research Fellowship Funds Conference Travel (up)

Thursday, August 16: Back to school tips article (re-run) (up)

Tuesday, August 20Back to school events promo (up)

Friday, August 29: Photos: UGS Welcomes Class of 2022 (up)

September 2018:

Monday, Sept. 10: Join Us for the Fall University Lecture Series [link] (up)

Friday, Sept. 14: Research Showdown promo [link] (up)

Wednesday, Sept. 26: Transformative Signature Course: Love, Mating, and the Brain (up)

Wednesday, Sept. 26: Lecture Series Provides Perspective on Learning and Leading (up)

Wednesday, Sept. 26: New Donors Support Undergraduate Research (up)

Thursday, Sept. 27: Students Celebrated at Transfer Event (up)

October 2018:

Wednesday, Oct. 10: Free Tutoring Continues with New Funds (up)

Friday, Oct. 12: SLC Student Educator Forum call for proposals (link) (up)

Thursday, Oct. 18: BDP Alumni Mentor Program Celebrates Inaugural Year (up)

Thursday, Oct. 25: Starting in UGS video (link) (up)

Monday, Oct. 29: Undergraduate Studies Welcomes Families to Campus (up)

November 2018:

Monday, Nov. 5: Students Find Their Voice at Public Speaking Center (up)

Wednesday, Nov. 14: 2018 Research Showdown Winners Announced (up)

Tuesday, Nov. 27: UGS CouncilA Community for Undeclared Students (up)

Tuesday, Nov. 27: Writing Flag Award deadline (Dec. 19) (up)

December 2018:

Tuesday, Dec. 4: Summer Exploration Grant follow-up(s)

Thursday, Dec. 14: Holiday Card Video

January 2019:

Friday, Jan. 19: UGS Awards Outstanding Staff (up)

Friday, Jan. 19: Plan Ahead with a Deadline Calendar (link) (up)

Friday, Jan. 19: RSVP for Student Educator Forum (event is Saturday, Feb. 23) (link) (up)

Wednesday, Jan. 30: New Vick Director Announcement (up)

February 2019:

Friday, Feb. 1: Signature Course Professors Honored for Teaching Excellence (up) 

Thursday, Feb. 7: ULS Spring Promo (starts Feb. 11 & ends April 17) (up)

Wednesday, Feb. 14: Undecided Students Explore Majors with Peer Mentors (up)

Thursday, Feb. 28: Explore UT promo (up)

March 2019:

Monday, March 4: Explore UT recap with photos (up)

Tuesday, March 5: Student Educator Forum recap (from Feb.) (up)

Thursday, March 7: Dean's List recap story with photos (up)

Monday, March 11: Undergraduate Studies Remembers Bill Powers (up)

April 2019:

Wednesday, April 3: Undergraduate Researchers Awarded (up)

Tuesday, April 9: Writing Flag Award recap with photos (up)

Wednesday, April 10: Six UGS Students Recognized at Honors Day (up)

Wednesday, April 10: Research Week preview (up)

Wednesday, April 17: UGS Council Representative Wins Senate Award (up)

Monday, April 22: Research Week recap with photos (up)

May 2019:

Friday, May 3: Meet Public Speaking Consultant Tai Yona Lewis (up)

Tuesday, May 7: UGS Students Prepare for Summer Career Exploration (up)

Tuesday, May 21: Quantitative Reasoning In and Out of the Classroom (up)

June 2019:

Thursday, June 13: Former UGS Student Selected as Commencement Speaker (up)

Tuesday, June 25: Associate Dean Retires After Years of Service (up)

Friday, June 28: Signature Course Maymester announcement (video link) (up)

July 2019:

Tuesday, July 9: Helping Students Visualize History with a Signature Course (up)

Friday, July 19: Two Faculty Awarded for Outstanding Contributions (McDowell Award) (up)

Tuesday, July 23: Meet the Artist: Mike Reddy (up)

August 2019:

Thursday, August 1: New Program Facilitates Hometown Internships (up)

September 2019:

Tuesday, Sept. 3: UGS Hosts Welcome Events for Class of 2023 w/ photos (up)

Thursday, Sept. 5: Join Us for the 2019 University Lecture Series (up)

Tuesday, Sept. 17: (Link) Daily Texan story on Pizza with the Dean (up)

Wednesday, Sept. 25: Announcing SHIFT (link) (up)

October 2019:

Friday, Oct. 4: Lecture Series Sparks Current, Crucial Conversations (up)

Friday, Oct. 4: Profile: 2019 Student Research Award Winner (up)

Friday, Oct. 18: Symposium Celebrates 10 Years of Flags in the Curriculum (up)

Monday, Oct. 21: Daily Texan: Sanger Learning Center Celebrates 70th Anniversary (up)

November 2019:

Wednesday, Nov. 6: First-Generation Students Find Their Place With Undergraduate Studies (up)

Friday, Nov. 8: Daily Texan: New UGS Course Teaches Valuable Lessons on Vulnerability (up)

Monday, Nov. 11: Helping Students Take a Bite Out of Global Cultures (up)

Thursday, Nov. 21: Profile of Signature Course professor Keffrelyn Brown (link to UT News story) (up)

December 2019:

Friday, Dec. 20: Holiday Card Video (up)

January 2020:

Wednesday, Jan. 15: Apply for the Home to Texas Internship Program (up)

Tuesday, Jan 21: Sign up for Interdisciplinary Studies Week (up)

Tuesday, Jan. 21: Enter the Texas Student Research Showdown (up)

Tuesday, Jan. 21: Why We Need to Teach Students How to Have Difficult Discussions (link) (up)

Monday, Jan 27: Public Speaking Center open house (link) (up)

February 2020:

Tuesday, Feb. 4: Summer Exploration Grant Accepting Application (up)

Monday, Feb. 17: Join us for the Spring 2020 University Lecture Series (link) (up)

Tuesday, Feb. 18: Bridging Disciplines Programs Launch Two New Interdisciplinary Certificates (up)

Wednesday, Feb. 19: Undergraduate Researcher Published in Prestigious Journal

Thursday, Feb. 27: UGS Students Preview Potential Majors (up)

March 2020:

Tuesday, March 3: Sanger Learning Center Now Hiring Students for Fall 2020 (link) (up)

Thursday, March 5: Listing of Explore UT events (up)

Friday, March 6: Dean's List listing w/ photos

Tuesday, March 10: Daily Texan: Archer Center Aims to Increase Affordability of Programs (link) (up)

Wednesday, March 11: Explore UT photos

Thursday, March 12: 2020 Research Showdown Award Winners Announced (up)

Saturday, March 21: UT's Corona Virus Update (link) (up)

Friday, March 27: Adjusting Your Study Habits for COVID (link)

Friday, March 27: Quick Tips for Success in an Online Course (re-run)

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