On the left navigation panel, click on "Print" and fill in all of the fields. At the bottom click on "send to copy center." Please make sure there is at least a 48 hour notice before exams need to be printed. 

Link below. Replace the "xxxxxxx" with learning module ID


How to print preprinted bubble exams (early bind with student's EID, student's name, and version number printed on the sheets):

Before creating the exam, the exam needs to be set to "Bubble" mode (the mode can be selected on the grading scheme page here: Grading Scheme#addAssignmentType) and after clicking "edit settings" make sure the "pre-print bubble sheets with students' EID" setting is selected.

Click on "print" on the left panel and then click on "Print" bubble sheets

Click the link to print bubblesheets, and it will show a page where they can download the entire file or a print test. Key point: you'll want to print the print test on your local printer, to confirm the bubbles line up properly. If they don't, you can adjust the x, y offsets and print another test run.