IMPORTANT - Please read this first:

This page provides instructions for users of the new UT Voice Mail system, NOT SmartVoice.  If your building has not yet been converted to the new VoIP telephone system, then you are still using SmartVoice, and should consult the SmartVoice Voice Mail (Legacy) pages.  For information about the VoIP telephone system, including building deployment status, please visit the VoIP Project.

Getting Started with UT Voice Mail

UT’s new Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone system comes with its own integrated voice mail system, which has been re-branded “UT Voice Mail” (UTVM).  As phone service is transferred to the VoIP system, SmartVoice customers' mailboxes will be replaced with new UTVM mailboxes.  (In case you have saved messages in your SmartVoice mailbox, it will still be accessible for the foreseeable future, but note: messages expire in 30 days by default.)

The information below will help you get started with basic login and setup tasks using your new UTVM mailbox.  Included are steps for popular customizations, help and support information and known issues.  This Wiki will continue to be updated as the phone system conversion progresses.  Please send your comments to

Step 1 - Personalizing Your UTVM Box

The first time you login, you’ll be led through several steps.  The first step is to change your PIN (this step is required); the others are to record your name and your greeting (optional but recommended) so you may want to have your greeting script ready beforehand.

Logging in from your campus phone:

Logging in from another phone:

IMPORTANT:  After you've personalized your UTVM box, please proceed to Step 2: Activating Your Mailbox.

Step 2 - Activating Your Mailbox

Unlike in the previous phone system, you can implement and control the call-forward features used with voice mail: forward-no-answer and forward-busy.  Most customers use both, but some prefer to omit one or the other.  Once you’ve personalized your mailbox, you will need to follow these steps to start sending calls to it.  

To forward calls to voice mail when you don't answer the phone:

To forward calls to voice mail when you're already on the phone:

To forward all calls straight to voice mail:

Telephone Access

The UTVM access number is 512 232-UTVM (8886).  On campus, dial 2-8886, or the service code #71, followed by your PIN. 

Note:  To check a mailbox on a different phone, do not enter your PIN; press the star key to be prompted for the mailbox number.

Download the Telephone User Interface (TUI) call flow diagram to see your options when logged in by Telephone:

Web Access

Your login is exactly the same as the telephone login, using your five-digit phone number and the new PIN you chose when logging in by phone the first time.

Using any standard web browser, go to

Caller Transfer-Out Feature

Unlike SmartVoice, the new system has only one transfer-out option.  An enhancement request has been registered with the vendor to add more.

  1. Log in by web browser.
  2. In the left-hand navigation pane, click Settings.
  3. In the new window, select Preferences.
  4. Look for “Subscriber Defined Transfer” and check the box next to it.
  5. Below that, enter the five-digit campus number, or ten-digit off-campus number (local numbers only but you must still enter the area code), that you wish callers to transfer to.  No punctuation is necessary.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and press the Save button.
  7. In your greeting, you will need to instruct callers to press 1 if they wish to be transferred.

Automatically Forwarding Messages to Email

 First, set up the email address to forward to:

  1. Log in by web browser
  2. In the left-hand navigation pane, click Notification.In the new window, select Set Up Notification.
  3. Enter your email address, and click the Add Attachment button to the right.  (Note:  If you click Add instead of Add Attachment you’ll get a notification of new voice mail without the recording attached.)
  4. You can repeat the previous step to forward messages to multiple addresses, if you like.
  5. Optional:  Edit the Subject and Body fields.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and press the Save button.

Next, verify that forwarding is turned on:

  1. Click Notification again.
  2. This time, click Activate Notification.
  3. If the “Notify me through Email” option is set to Off, select one of the other options.

Known Issues

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Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Help & Support

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