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The Butler School of Music provides students with recital programs for their recitals through the student programs office. Students also have the option of supplying their own programs. If you choose to supply your own program, you should follow the steps outlined under Providing Your Own Program at the bottom of this page.

What the school offers

  • The school provides a standard format & design for all student recitals. the format of student programs is an 8.5x5.5 flat (not folded) program, printed on white, heavy card, and may be front-only or printed front and back depending on the length of the program. All printing is done in black and white. 
  • We provide an electronic PDF and 40 physical copies of your printed recital program.

What the school does not offer

  • The school does not offer bespoke design services. Our program design is standard for all student recitals and we can’t accommodate design alterations. 
  • The school does not provide artist photos, bios, or program notes for student recitals. If you choose, you may make your own copies of program notes for distribution at your recital. 
  • The school does not offer proofing or fact-checking for your recital. Your recital submissions should be checked and proofed before you submit it to the programs office. Programs will not be redone or reprinted as a result of errors that were present in the original submission form.


The deadline for you to submit your program is 2 weeks (14 calendar days) before your recital date. The program may be submitted at any time after your recital is confirmed, but the final deadline for submission is 14 calendar days. If you miss this deadline, you will not receive a program. There are no exceptions. You will then be required to create and supply your own programs (see below).

How to submit your recital program

4 Weeks Before Your Recital

1. Make sure your recital is confirmed.

2. Download the required program submission form.

3. Read the Program Style Manual to learn how information for your recital should be presented. The manual includes information on proper capitalization, listing movements, etc.

4. The student programs office will email you a friendly reminder 4 weeks before your recital. To ensure you get this email, keep your email updated in ArtsVision. This is a courtesy email. Regardless of whether you receive this email, it remains your responsibility to submit your program by the deadline.

5. Complete the submission form with your recital information using the Style Manual as a guide.

6. Proof your program thoroughly: Please double-check composer & composition names, spellings, and dates as well as recital date, times, locations, and general spelling. Ensure that relevant movements and performers are properly listed.

7. Proof your submission form again, and consider having someone else proof for you.

8. When you are confident your program is free of errors, submit it via email to You should receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 48 hours, reach out to Nathan Russell at

2 Weeks Before Your Recital

The deadline for you to submit your program to the program office is 14 calendar days before your recital. This is a hard deadline. If your program is not received by this deadline, you will not receive a program. No exceptions.

1 Week Before Your Recital

About 1 week before your recital, you will receive an electronic copy of your program via email, along with confirmation of printing. 

Getting your physical programs to your recital

If your recital is taking place in Bates, Jessen or the Recital Studio...

then your event is managed, and your assigned event manager will bring your programs to your recital. You don’t need to do anything to make this happen.  

If your recital is taking place in any other space or off-campus...

then your event is unmanaged, and you must pick up your programs in advance of your recital. Your recital programs will be left in the drop box on the door of the Student Programs Office, MBE 3.614. You should pick up your programs as soon as possible once they are ready.

If you miss the program deadline submission

  • You will be required to create, print & supply your own programs. As an option you may download the DIY program template to aid in creating your program. You should follow all the procedures and guidelines on creating your own program below.
  • You must still submit this program to the programs office, so that it can be archived and kept for proper record keeping. Email your completed DIY program to the programs office at If you fail to provide a finished program, your program recording will be withheld until a program is on file. 

Providing your own program

If you choose to provide your own program, or miss the submission deadline, please note the following policies:

1. You are responsible for printing the programs and getting them to your recital. The programs office will not print them on your behalf.

2. It is recommended that you provide at least 40 copies of your program.

3. Use the Program Style Manual to ensure your program meets the school’s style requirements

4. You MUST submit a PDF of your final program to the Student Recital Programs Office for archiving and reporting purposes. If we do not receive a copy of your program, your recital recording will be withheld until your program is on file.

Questions or problems should be directed to the Student Programs office at

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