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Prices shown below are estimates based on typical pricing. According to UT System and UT Austin policy, the GSAF bills for actual expenses can vary with the size and scope of each project.    The GSAF does not guarantee read counts but we will try our best to meet customer request when we prepare the libraries, however we will not make up any read counts for customer prepared libraries.

10X Genomics Single Cell, scRNA-Seq 

  • Currently offering 10X single cell 3' Gene Expression or Single Cell Immune Profiling
  • Sequencing will be offered on the NextSeq or NovaSeq
    • Sequencing charges are independent of library prep charges but can be estimated at around $400 per 100 Million reads on a NovaSeq $1300 per 100 Million reads on a NextSeq
  • Currently we will only accept 4 samples at a time for a scheduled 10X run, if you would like to run more please contact Jessica Podnar at for a consultation
10X Library Preparation Cost per sample InternalCost per sample External
1 Sample, Library Prep Only, Gene Expression v3.1 or Immune Profiling v2$2303.53$2917.18
Each additional sample, up to 4 total, Library Prep Only $2047.01$2579.24
Add Feature Barcode (must use compatible 10X partners)$255.15$321.49
Add TCR or BCR Amplification$238.90$301.01
Add both FB and TCR/BCR Amplification$494.05$622.50

Tag-Seq Services

  • TagSeq is a new service offered by the GSAF, this is a 3' RNA based library prep utilizing the intrinsic properties of a reverse transcriptase
  • RNA submitted must be high quality and must have the concentrations normalized, preferred concentration for the RNA is between 10-100 ng/ul providing at least 25 microliters
    • Samples must be submitted in 96 well plates
    • If Trizol/Tri-Reagent was used for extraction samples should go through a column clean up
    • The GSAF optimized the TAG-Seq service on human RNA, other organisms may require different conditions however we do not customize this prep
    • This service was designed to offer researchers the opportunity to run large scale RNA-Seq projects at an affordable price, however if you are not familiar with this service I advise against it, the GSAF is not responsible for failed projects if all internal controls perform well. 
    • If you do not follow all of our recommendations for this service your data will be impacted
    • If you are not familiar with bioinformatics I highly urge you to use our Bioinformatic team
    • Samples should be plated starting at A1 then plate the samples vertically, A1 to H1, then A2 to H2 and so on.....Do not skip wells, you will be charged for wells that are skipped and we will not process samples that are plated A1 to A12.

Tag-Seq Cost (Library Prep and Sequencing, NovaSeq 6000 SR100)Cost per sample InternalCost per sample External
Standard Coverage (3-5 M reads)$59.32$75.04
High Coverage (7-10 M reads)$84.22$106.53

Tag-Seq Cost (Library Prep and Sequencing, NextSeq 75)Cost per sample InternalCost per sample External
Standard Coverage (3-5 M reads)$76.95$97.34
High Coverage (7-10 M reads)$119.47$151.13

**IF min sample number is not met $240 added for internal and $303 for external (20 Sample Minimum)

DNA and RNA library preps:

DNA ~400 bp insert size. Price includes final QC by BioAnalyzer and qPCR. See this web page for sample input guidelines.

RNA  Size range typically ~200 nt; "dUTP" directional protocol. Price includes QC by BioAnalyzer on final lib only and qPCR.  Please request a BA if you need to check the quality of the RNA before we proceed to library prep. See this web page for sample input guidelines.

Prices listed are per sample. For projects with 8 or less samples, a flat fee per project is charged as shown.

Type of Library Preparation Procedure
Internal / UT Network
External Academic
Standard DNA library$101$127
RNA directional WITH poly-A enrichment$206$260
RNA directional WITH ribosomal removal$301$381
Small RNA or RNA with no poly-A or ribosomal removal$141$179

Exome and Targeted Sequencing:

Contact the GSAF and we will be happy to plan out a project for your research goals.

Metagenomics assays on the Illumina MiSeq: 

The cost for outer PCR is about $25 a sample.  You can follow this design to produce amplicons compatible with our indexing oligos.

Metagenomics assay: This service starts with normalized (i.e. equal concentration and volume) gDNA and includes amplification using one of the GSAF provided primer sets chosen by the customer as shown on this web page. The service is calibrated to deliver at least 10,000 2x250 bp paired-end sequences from the Illumina MiSeq platform for at least 90% of the samples submitted, assuming there is reasonable amount of DNA to amplify. To minimize jackpot effects, PCR is performed in triplicate for each sample and re-pooled.  

The library preparation is a two-step process, a gene-specific PCR then a second PCR to add the dual indexes.  The PCR targets the bacterial 16S V4/V5 region, the 16S V4 region, or fungal ITS region, as specified by the client.  Gel-based QC is performed on a sampling of 10% of the samples post amplification. Genomic DNA is expected as input; the GSAF does not provide DNA extraction services at this time. See this web page for sample input guidelines and note that DNA concentrations should be normalized before submission.  The GSAF can normalize your sample concentrations for an additional charge.

Prices are listed per sample to include library preparation from genomic DNA and sequencing.  For jobs with less than 96 samples, a flat fee per project is charged as shown.
Prices vary slightly depending on the actual number of samples processed, so the prices are provided for reference and planning purposes.  Submit a job request to get accurate, approved pricing.

Number of SamplesInternal / UT Network
External Academic
 96 or more$36$45.45
1-95 samples Add $369 / project Add $464 / project

Outer PCR only is about $25 a sample

IMPORTANT CAUTION: The V4/V5 region assay we use is KNOWN to amplify Eukaryotic 18S rRNA genes as well as bacterial 16S V4/V5 so choose your primer sets carefully.

Note: if you are submitting a mixed population (e.g. bacterial & fungal, or bacterial & eukaryote host, etc.) you should assay your samples before submission to ensure you have the proper concentration of the target DNA, not simply total DNA. Samples submitted with insufficient target DNA may result in excessive primer-dimer or off-target products which produce no useful data. These will still be charged according to the pricing table.

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GBS services

Genotyping by Sequencing (GBS) services- Please email the GSAF to inquire about this service

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