While IGRINS is being stored it is desirable that the HKP be left running so the instrument status can be remotely monitored.

After the IGRINS storage procedure has been followed:

  1. Open a terminal window on the ICC and type “cd ~/igrins_admin”
  2. Run "python tmp350.py" to check that the network connection is correct. Leave this package running.
    1. If it stars to display 'Periodic Heater Range Check and Adjustment' then the network is correct.
    2. If it displays nothing, and appears to be frozen, then control-C out of the script and swap the fiber optic cables in the patch box next to the ICC. 
  3. In a new terminal, the HKP can be started by typing: 
    1. “cd ~/igrins_admin”
    2. "sudo bash hkprun"
  4. In HKP, press “Periodic Monitoring” to begin temperature and pressure logging.

Monitoring HKP on a web browser,

  1. Type "python hkweb_trans.py" in "~/igrins_admin" and keep it running,
  2. Open the web browser and type http://paschen.kasi.re.kr/igrinshk.php 



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