How to Initialize IGRINS: Full Reboot


I. Run essential IGRINS programs

Assuming Lakeshores are set correctly and detector computers were started and initialized using the standard procedure

Run the following, each in a separate terminal for each:

>cd igrins_admin


This is how the temperatures are pulled from the Lakeshores  


 This is how the temperatures are sent to the website IGRINS watchdog so that they can be monitored


It will prompt for the password

This is how the IGRINS harddrives are mounted

All of these processes are essential to IGRINS observing and must be running at ALL TIMES, even when not observing.

For this reason, the terminal hosting these applications should remain open, preferably minimized to avoid accidental closure.

2. Run TeamViewer

TeamViewer is how we are able to remotely log into the IGRINS computers, and thus it needs to be running on the ICC.

3. Normal Startup Procedures

From here, begin the normal IGRINS start up, described in the Observer Cookbook




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