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Attention Mac Users


Simio only runs on Windows. To use Simio on a Mac you will need to first set up a way to run Windows in addition to your Mac OS. If you have not already done this, McCombs Computer Services can assist you in setting up a Windows VM. For more information please see Installing OVA files using VirtualBox.



1 Go to Simio and register to download the free Personal Edition of their software:

2.You will shortly receive an email that contains download link - note the software will be downloadable as a compressed zip file

3.Download the zip file, extract the setup files from the zip file and run the installer.

4. When you launch Simio for the first time you will see a message informing you it has not yet been licensed and so will limit the size of your projects until it has been licensed.


5. Click "OK" to dismiss this window and then click the "Enter your licence key.." hyperlink in the upper right corner of the Simio application window.


6. In the Manage Simio Network Licensing window click "Server Settings"


7. In the Server Settings window enter "" as the server name and ensure the port number is set to 5053 and click "OK."


8. Simio is now licensed and ready for you to use it. From now on whenever you launch Simio you should see the following message as long as it is able to reach the licensing server.


9. The licensing server is accessible to all campus wired and wireless networks, but from off campus you will need to connect in through the UT VPN system first.If you see the message below when you launch Simio, it most likely means your networking is disabled or you are on a a non-campus network and need to establish a VPN connection to reach the licensing server.


10. For more information about using VPN please visit:

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