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Exams and Proctorio

What is Proctorio?

Proctorio is a secure exam monitoring platform that integrates with Canvas and ONLY works within the Chrome web browser on a desktop or laptop computer, tablet and phone support is not available. You may employ this automated system in your exams. If you decide to use Proctorio, please share these links containing information about taking an exam with Proctorio with your students:

Proctorio Instructor Support

Here is a link to the UTexas Proctorio Instructor Support page which contains comprehensive instructions as well as 24/7 phone and email support:

General information about Proctorio:

Students must have the following installed on their device (one-time task):

    • Chrome browser:  Help

Proctorio Student Support

Here is a link to the UTexas Proctorio Student Tutorial which contains comprehensive instructions as well as 24/7 support:

Tips to give students when using Proctorio: (NOTE - All of these are already on the McCombs Student Instructional Wiki)

Here are some suggestions for taking a test that is being monitored by Proctorio.

    • Make sure you’re using an approved internet browser on a desktop or laptop computer. Tablet and phone support is not available
    • Make sure your computer is plugged into a power outlet and not running on battery
    • Proctorio Chrome Extension settings (you can turn these off after you complete the quiz or exam)
      1. Click the Proctorio extension (shield icon) and select "Manage Extensions" 
      2. Scroll down and make sure the option "Allow this extension to read and change all your data on websites you visit" is set to "On all sites".  NOTE: You can always turn off this setting later after the exam.
      3. Check to be sure the "Allow in incognito" setting is enabled (the slider should be blue).
      4. You may need to refresh the page or reload the test for these settings to take effect
      5. If checking/modifying the settings does not work, remove and reinstall the extension. Note: the Proctorio extension often reloads with the "Allow in incognito" setting disabled, so walk through the steps above again after reinstalling
    • As a best practice, it helps to reboot your computer before you take a quiz or exam that uses Proctorio
    • These tips can reduce issues with Proctorio’s camera check of your webcam and mic that runs at the start. Before starting the quiz: 
      • Only open Chrome, close all other programs
      • Make sure you’re in a room that is quiet with good lighting with no glare
      • Make sure your face is close enough to your camera and not too far away
      • If you are wearing glasses you may need to remove them during the camera check that runs at the start
    • When Proctorio runs its test of your hardware, if the webcam or microphone tests fail it’s likely an issue with your computer or browser so:
      • First, try the links they provide to troubleshoot your issues.  This fixes the issue for some
      • If that doesn’t help, use the Live Chat feature to talk to someone at Proctorio to resolve your issue.  Do not ignore this option because Proctorio Support is experienced in resolving issues
      • Mac users may need to change permissions to allow third-party apps to control things like microphone and webcam
      • If you get an alert that your computer is lacking RAM and could crash, still attempt to take the quiz or exam. RAM memory is a regular issue.
    • If you have an extension for another proctoring service, besides Proctorio, you need to disable it.
    • To contact Proctorio for more assistance, use the live chat option from the extension, or go to

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