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The best way to create a series of student group meetings is to create a recurring meeting. By doing this the meeting ID never changes and you do not need to send out invites for every meeting. This creates meetings that repeat as often as you choose.

Every Zoom meeting will have the same link for users to click on every time. If you want the link to only work at the scheduled times, turn “join before host” off. You can create a calendar appointment with the dates and times to share with the group. You will need to be present for every meeting. 

  1. Go to and sign in with your UT EID

  2. Once you are logged in click on the Meetings link on the left side
  3. When you are on the Meetings page, click Schedule a New Meeting at the top

  4. This is where you fill in all the information about the meeting. To make it a meeting that repeats regularly you will need to check the box that says Recurring Meeting underneath the date and time options

  5. Choose an end date for your repeating meeting (such as the end of the semester) and how often you would like the meeting to repeat. This will produce one link that lets people join the meeting with the same meeting link every time
  6. Once you have finished setting up the meeting, scroll to the very bottom of the page and click the Save button

  7. To access the join link, click on the Meetings button on the left to see all of your scheduled meetings. In this view you will see your recurring meetings broken into individual meetings that you can click on and get more information

  8. You may also click on Topic and that will open the meeting and gives you an option to download a calendar link. You can also edit a meeting or the series by clicking “Edit this Meeting” at the bottom of the Topic page. There is no export option, so the calendar option is the best way to share your meeting with a group of people

There are additional help tutorials for Zoom at:

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