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Getting Help

Your first line of support is this Wiki. Please check out the FAQs or the Search feature to see if your issue has been addressed.

You can also contact your POD BRCF delegate. These folks are listed in the table at POD Resources and Access: Available PODs.

Contact Us

Please email us at

Directing your support request to is preferred to contacting someone associated with BRCF whom you know directly. Our support email is monitored by all BRCF support personnel, while any person you contact directly may not be readily available, or may not be familiar with the subject of your support request.

Monthly Maintenance

Regular maintenance is performed on all BRCF PODs monthly, generally on a Tuesday or Thursday late in the month. The standard window is 8 am - 6 pm, but is often shorter than than and can occasionally be extended if issues are encountered. Email notifications are sent out a week prior to each maintenance and the day of.

Access to POD servers is unavailable during maintenance, and any running jobs will be terminated. This is because regular maintenance includes applying OS updates and may also include configuring, upgrading or replacing various hardware components, which require restarting POD servers.

Please make plans for any long-running compute jobs based on this maintenance schedule. If, however, you have an urgent need to complete work that conflicts with regular maintenance, please Contact Us, and we will adjust maintenance for your POD accordingly.

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