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Quicklinks: Adobe, ArcGIS, Autodesk, Energy Plus, OpenStudio and OpenStudio Plugin for Sketchup , eQUEST, Google Earth Pro,

Grasshopper for Rhino, Microsoft, Revolution Analytics, Rhino, SketchUp, SPSS, V-Ray for Rhino or SketchUp, ArchVision


The Adobe Creative Cloud Student Edition for UT Austin students is available through the Campus Computer Store's online portal.  Just go to:  Login with your EID and the ‘Creative Cloud Student Edition’ for $74.99 is half way down the page. The icon looks like this: 

Creative Cloud Student Edition (One Year Subscription - Annual Price)


As part of the campus site license - School of Architecture students can get free 1 year licenses for ArcGIS for their personally owned computers.  Below is the process:

  1. Go to the Technology Service Desk with your UT ID Card and request an ArcGIS license - the desk staff will record your name and EID and email you the license code number.
  2. Follow these Activation, Download and Installation Instructions.


Autodesk is distributing free to students the latest educational versions of its CAD and parametric modeling software:

  • Revit
  • AutoCAD
  • 3DS-Max.

In order to get your free download you must have a valid .edu email address and follow go to to get a license code. You can also save time by downloading the software from our mirror server on campus, directions can be found at

Energy Plus, OpenStudio and OpenStudio Plugin for Sketchup

This suite of energy modeling applications for Windows or OS-X is available for download through the U.S. Department of Energy website at:


This building energy simulation tool for Windows is available for download at:

Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro is a free software, you can download it here: 

Although free, it still requires a license key. Use your email address and the key GEPFREE to sign in.


The Campus Computer Store offers a variety of Microsoft software at reduced prices. Software packages include:

  • Windows 10 Education: $19.99
  • Office 365: FREE - just log in with your UT EID at and you can use online apps or download the most recent version.

Revolution Analytics

This robust statistical and numerical analysis application is built on the renowned R Project for Statistical Computing (  Free student licenses can be downloaded at:


Rhino 6.0 3D modeling and NURBS software can be purchased at the Technology Lab Service Desk for $95. 


SketchUp makes their cross-platform rapid modeling and sketching program available for free through their website:

SketchUp Pro for Education (1 year license) is available for $49 direct at:


The Campus Computer Store offers a one-year license of the SPSS Grad Pack for $99.  This software will run on Windows and Mac OS-X.  Due to licensing costs, there are 5 floating network licenses for SPSS available on the computers in the computer classrooms.

V-Ray for Rhino or SketchUp

Student versions of V-Ray for Rhino and 3DS Max are available at:  The cost is $99 per year per platform.


If you would like to request a student version of ArchVision RPC - email