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Please note that use of SOA Technology Lab Services including equipment checkout, printing, plotting, and digital fabrication is restricted to members of the SOA community (faculty, staff, and students).

This section contains information about the SOA Technology Lab and the Technology Research & Integration Group.

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 If you need to contact the Service Desk, please call 512.471.1189 or email



  • Lab & Classroom Policy

    • Failure to follow these policies may result in the loss of access privileges:

      • Clean up after yourself.

      • Food and beverage are acceptable as long as care is taken near lab equipment. 

      • Reserving lab workstations for rendering is not allowed, and instead users must use render farm (accessible after attending training). If you are having issues with the render farm during business hours (9am-5pm), you can come to the Technology office (SUT 1.120) for assistance. Otherwise, please refer to the render farm guide to troubleshoot issues.

      • Students may not lock lab computers. Any computer locked without permission will be restarted and personal data may be lost. 

      • The maximum recommended plot size is 72" long (at 36" or paneled across plots).  Any plots over this length will not be eligible for refunds.

      • For laser cutter policies, click here.

      • For CNC policies, click here.


Plotting & Printing

Visualization Methods

Digital Fabrication

Misc Tools & Services

TA Positions

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