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The Technology Lab has two 3D printers that are exclusively dedicated to the service of active UTSOA students and faculty. To use them, simply e-mail two things to the Technology Desk: your correctly prepared file and proof that your file has passed a Shapeways test (a basic online test for print-ability). Information about how to prepare this type of file, and where and how to take the Shapeways test can be found in the links below. Once you've approved the cost estimate, you're all set! The Tech Desk staff will follow up with you via email when your 3D print is ready for pick up.


All 3D prints are created with a neutral off-white ABS plastic (similar to below). Students may not substitute their own materials. Orthogonal features finer than 1/16" are too small to be accurately produced by the printer and may result in a less desirable final product. Complex geometries must be even larger to print successfully. The maximum size of your print is limited by the interior capacity of the individual printer.

 Max build size: 14 x 10 x 14 in

Time Expectations

Prints can take anywhere from several hours to several days depending on size and complexity. The Technology Lab staff print multiple projects at the same time whenever possible to maximize efficiency, however, you should expect a turn-around on 3D prints in one to two days when demand is normal. During periods of high volume, the queue may delay your print by several days. Please keep this in mind when considering due dates. Tech Desk staff should be able to give you a rough estimate of when you can expect to pick up your print when you submit your file.


A price estimate will be provided for you upon submission.

  • Base Price: $5 for subscribed users ($45 for non-subscribers)
  • Build Material (ABS plastic): $2.50 per cubic inch
  • Support Material: $5.00 per cubic inch
  • Wash Cost is determined by the number of people in that wash cycle (not by surface area, volume, or numbers of objects). 
    • A higher number of people will reduce the cost as the price of the wash material is shared. (A wash is not always necessary; please discuss at time of submission.)
  • If you do not pick up your print, you will still be charged the full amount to your What I Owe. 


In addition to the 3D Printing capabilities provided in the SOA, here are some external resources for 3D Printing: