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The University of Texas at Austin’s visual assets have intrinsic, reputational, and marketing value to the university. To protect them and ensure they are used appropriately, the following guidelines have been established. For more information, contact Rachel Appel, the Digital Asset Manager, University Marketing and Creative Services, at 512-232-2324.

• The images in the Portfolio database may be downloaded and used for university purposes only.

• Unless otherwise stated, all images within the database are the property of The University of Texas at Austin.

• These images may not be shared with other individuals or entities without written permission prior to distribution electronically or in print.

• Any unauthorized commercial use of the photos are subject to applicable state and federal laws.

Student Releases:

With regard to the privacy of students, the university is bound by FERPA, a federal law that requires that we have a student's written permission to use his or her image. Photos of students, like other academic records, are considered private and restricted. The Office of Legal Affairs model release is here.

Please let me know if you have questions. Leea Mechling ( in Legal Affairs is very helpful and can give you guidance if you have more nuanced policy questions.

Images featuring Bevo, longhorns, UT athletes, UT Athletics events, or anything related to UT Athletics is owned and copyrighted by UT Athletics. To request permission, please contact Jim Sigmon (

To request University images, please see Permissions.

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