The DAMS responsibilities have been separated by role to facilitate accurate cataloging, management, and system maintenance.

Digital Asset Manager

  • Oversees entire DAMS as custodian
  • Responsible for the supervision and assistance for cataloging and developing metadata
  • Acts as liaison between CSUs and the centralized DAMS at UM&CS
  • Develops appraisal and retention schedule for digital assets
  • Troubleshoots as necessary with IT staff
  • Perform searches for users
  • Maintains rights

Asset Creators (photographers, designers)

  • Uploads materials to DAMS as they are created
  • Catalogs and develops descriptive, clear, and consistent metadata for each digital asset using metadata schema
  • Updates digital assets as necessary

Marketing Content Creators

  • Uses the DAMS to search for and retrieve images relevant to their developed content
  • Updates the metadata with new information such as when the asset was last used

Information Technology Services

  • Troubleshoots technical problems with Digital Asset Manager
  • Provides backend maintenance as needed


  • Communicates and develops goals with Digital Asset Manager
  • Troubleshoots curatorial problems with Digital Asset Manager
  • Oversees long-term implementation with Digital Asset Manager
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