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This is an example cataloging workflow developed by DAMS intern Kevin Powell. It approaches assets from three levels: the folder level (all assets in a particular folder folder), the group level (assets of similar subject matter), and the item level (individual assets).

The workflow organizes Dublin Core fields by the level at which they can be edited. For example, the dc:Source_Location field for all items in the 2010 Portfolio database can be edited in bulk to say "Portfolio Server, 2010." Conversely, on the item level, all individual items have a unique dc:Identifier_FileName.

This workflow increases efficiency by avoiding the need to edit every field for every asset individually. Being able to edit in bulk increases productivity. 

Top Folder Level

  • 07_dc_Creator
    • Typically the same, must be double-checked
  • 09_dc_Source_Project
    • This field should be populated with the folder name.
  • 10_dc_Rights
    • All photos in the UMCS Portfolio database are under held by The University of Texas at Austin
  • 11_dc_Source_Location
    • All photos in the UMCS Portfolio database can be filled with "Portfolio Server, [Year]"
  • 15_dc_Type
    • Image, MovingImage, Sound, Text

 Secondary Folder Level

  • 03_dc_Title
    • Often editable in groups, sometimes needs editing at the item level
    • Example: "Dave Mead Campus Photoshoot"
  • 05_dc_Coverage_Location
    • The University of Texas, Austin, etc.
  • 06_dc_Coverage_Date
    • Pictures with the same subjects are more than likely taken on the same day, advisable to double check.
  • 12_dc_Subject_Keywords
    • Can vary based on picture, but typically the same in large groups
  • 13_dc_Format_Container
    • JPEG, Tiff, NEF, etc. 
  • 14_dc_Format_Alignment
    • Varies, but easily editable in large groups. 
  • 16_dc_DigSpecsModelName

Item Level

  • 01_dc_Identifier_FileName
    • An asset's standardized file name
      • "Year_ItemNumber.extension"
  • 02_dc_Identifier_Legacy
    • An asset's original name
      • e.g. "Tower reflection 11X14.jpg"
  • 04_dc_Description
    • Sometimes photos can be described in groups
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