Policies and Procedures Handbook for Sponsored Student Organizations of Recreational Sports

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Packet Requirements

Every member of your sport club, including coaches/instructors, must have an approved UTSCA membership packet on file with RecSports in order to participate in any activity including travel.

As a part of this membership packet, all individuals submit the Release and Indemnification Agreement and Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment, which is required for eligibility to travel with the club. The University requires this to be collected for each and every trip. An approved UTSCA Membership Packet provides the attached forms streamlined for all trips a student organization may take. This allows for easier trip planning and preparation.

Proof of health insurance is required for all members as well. However, if a member has not presented proof of health insurance for the time of sport club trips, Insurance will be purchased during for the duration of the trip at the cost of $5.00 per member per day of travel (price is subject to change). This insurance policy ONLY covers participants traveling to and from approved sport club competitions. IT DOES NOT cover injuries sustained while competing. 

Submitted vs. Approved Memberships

A submitted membership packet does not equal an approved membership packet. All eligible drivers must be entered into the University Driver Database. Every health insurance file must be verified for accuracy. Often, membership packets are returned to individuals for typos, bad file uploads, and missing information. Each membership must be approved by Sport Club Staff before appearing on a Sport Club roster. If an individual does not appear on your RecSports Internal Services Roster, that individual's membership has not been approved. Contact Sport Club Staff to review the membership status of any of your members. 

Step-by-step guide

Visit https://secure.rs.utexas.edu/services/sportclubs/join/ to submit your membership packet. 

  1. Read the UTSCA Membership Packet Introduction.
  2. If you are new to Sport Clubs or coming back to edit a draft packet, please select "Start/Continue Membership Packet". 
  3. The packet will begin in the "Information" section.

    1. Enter all the following information. For address, either put your permanent or you current address at school. 
    2. Select whether or not you are a Coach/Instructor. 
    3. Select the Sport Club you are completing the Membership Packet for.
    4. Complete the "Release and Indemnification Agreement". 
      1. Under "Activity Description", select the Sport Club again. Then enter your Club Practice Location. 
      2. Make sure to check the box next to the certify agreement. 
    5. Check the box for the liability statement. Then select "Save and Continue". 
  4. Next section of the packet is Health Insurance. 

    1. If you have Health Insurance, please select "yes" and upload a picture of your health insurance card.
      1. If you select "yes" and do not upload a picture of your health insurance card, the membership packet will be returned to you.
    2. If you do not have Health Insurance, you should select "no" and skip the picture upload. If you do not have Health Insurance, the Sport Club department will be charged $5 a day for each trip.
  5. Next section of the packet is Driving.

    1. Any member of the club planning to drive (personal or rented vehicles) must submit information.
    2. If the you are not planning on driving for any event, select "no" then "save and continue".
    3. If you select "yes", please review all the information under "Driving Requirements".
    4. Submit a photo/copy of your current Texas Driver's License.
    5. Enter your Driver's License information.
    6. Upload your auto insurance card.
    7. Enter your car insurance expiration date.
    8. Read "Agreements", select the box "I Authorize", and press "Save and Continue".
  6. Next section is "Medical Information".

    1. Enter "Relative Information" for the relative you would like for your emergency contact. 
    2. Enter "Physician Information" and "Dentist Information". 
    3. Although you have uploaded a photo/copy of your health insurance card, please re-enter the information under "Additional Information".
    4. Read the following statements and select the boxes next to "I Authorize" and "I Agree". Then "save and continue". 
  7. Your membership packet will not be submitted until you push "Submit Completed Packet" button at the end of the form.