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Demultiplexing ddRAD data with Stacks exercise:

This exercise should be done on TACC.

First copy over the exercise directory:

copy over directory
#start an idev session if you have not already

#go to coure directory on scratch
cd rad_intro/

#copy over the demultiplexing directory
cp -r /work/02260/grovesd/lonestar/intro_to_rad_2017/demultiplexing/process_ddRAD_stacks .

#go to the demultiplexing with stacks exercise directory
cd process_ddRAD_stacks

Check out the reads to make sure they make sense:

check out reads
#we have two fastq files: Lib01_R1.fastq and Lib01_R2.fastq
ls *.fastq
#These are paired end reads, two separate reads from either end of the same DNA fragment
#Double-check that the files have the same number of reads. (note that fastq genreally files have 4 lines per read)
expr $(cat Lib01_R1.fastq | wc -l) / 4
expr $(cat Lib01_R2.fastq | wc -l) / 4
#(Note these are for demo purposes and shorter than they should be)
#this ddRAD library was prepared so that forward reads were cut with the nlaIII restriction enzyme.
#Looking up nlaIII, we see it's cut site:
#     CATG'
#    'GTAC
#check if we see this cut site in the forward reads
grep CATG Lib01_R1.fastq | wc -l
#compare this with the total number of reads we got above
#do these numbers make sense?
#look at where in the reads the cut site is (may help to paste into a text editor and character search)
grep CATG Lib01_R1.fastq | head -n 30

process the reads using process_radtags (part of the Stacks package):

process tags
#make a directory to put the resulting sample fastq files into
mkdir sample_fastqs

#look at the documentation for process_radtags
./process_radtags -h
#execute the command to process the rad data
./process_radtags -i 'fastq' -1 Lib01_R1.fastq -2 Lib01_R2.fastq -o ./sample_fastqs/ -b barcodes_Lib1.tsv --inline_index -e 'nlaIII' -r --disable_rad_check

Check the results:

check results
#how many barcode combinations did we have?
#First look at the barcodes file:
cat barcodes_Lib1.tsv 
#then count the lines
cat barcodes_Lib1.tsv | wc -l
#how r1 and r2 fastq files did we output (ignore the 'rem' files)
ls sample_fastqs/*AGCGAC.1.fq
ls sample_fastqs/*AGCGAC.1.fq
ls sample_fastqs/*AGCGAC.1.fq | wc -l
ls sample_fastqs/*AGCGAC.1.fq | wc -l
#are the paired end files still the same length?
cat sample_fastqs/sample_CATAT-AGCGAC.1.fq | wc -l
cat sample_fastqs/sample_CATAT-AGCGAC.2.fq | wc -l
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