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Wish list for software, resources, scripts, documentation...

If you are planning to work on one of these items, please edit this page to claim it so that we don't duplicate efforts.

Improvements to

  • Output a list of the options in the file it is creating and message that -h will give help so that running with no options isn't so confusing.
  • Option to request a minimum number of cores -c? for each job (that is converted intelligently to 1way, 2way, etc).
    • Have this work for requesting a certain number of gigabytes of RAM per process (-r)?.
  • Aware of queue time limits, etc., so it can give an intelligent error message when you request something incorrectly, like too much time on development.
  • Work with the default version of Python. I'm tired of having to module unload python to get Mercurial to work.

Working install of CIRCOS

  • Might work with Perl GD module v 1.x.

BioITeam bin/profile_ngs_course.bash

  • Should we load more modules by default?
  • Pop up a message to remind the user that this file is being loaded when they log in, just in case they forget that we might be changing their environment from time-to-time?

BLAST tutorial

How to create a custom database and BLAST against it. Probably as an extra on Day 1 (nucleotide) or Day 4 (protein).

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