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Welcome to the department of the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer from the LAN team!  This document will explain how to use the computer resources available on the CFO network.


Every user has an EID for data access.  Your EID is used to log on to the computer and to access secure websites on the main UT web server (for example, UT Direct).  You will also use your EID for mainframe access.  Depending on your duties, you may be assigned other accounts as well.

There is no requirement at this time to change your EID password, but the LAN team does recommend that you change it regularly.  There is a requirement to change your mainframe password every three months.


There are two main servers that you will use:

  • FA-Jackson - File server   
  • FA-Jefferson - Print server

There are shortcuts for FA-Jackson and FA-Jefferson (“Install Printers Here”) on your desktop or you can access them by copying the following address into Windows Explorer:



Please note that the LAN team does not control how each share is organized.  Your manager and\or co-workers will tell you where specifically to go to find the files you need.


You will be given your email account during your LAN orientation.  The CFO office uses Microsoft Office 365 and your email will end with  You can access your email via Outlook or on the web by going to Each email account is limited to 50GB.

Home Directories

Your home directory is a place on the server where you can store files that do not need to be shared with anyone else but still need to be backed up

You can access your home directory by going to the S: drive of your computer.  Only you (and the LAN team) have access to your home directory.

 \\fa-jackson\home dirs\”EID”

Crash Plan

In addition to your home directory, we also backup your Desktop and My Documents folder using an application called Crash Plan.  The backup size is limited to 20GB, so make sure you do not go over that limit. 


The program that you use to connect to the mainframe is QWS3270 Secure.  QWS3270 Secure is a terminal emulation program and is what you will use to actually log on to the mainframe.

Adding a printer

Printers are installed by using the “Install Printers Here” icon on your desktop or by going to \\fa-jefferson\.  You can print to any printer in Financial Affairs.  In addition, there is one color printer that is located in Main 112 in front of the CFO's office.  You may only use the color printer for documents that require color.  Please do not use this printer for normal, day-to-day printing.

Computer security

We do consider the security of our information resources a serious responsibility.  This responsibility is shared between the LAN team and you, the employee.  For our part, we have implemented several items to provide a secure computing environment which include (but are not limited to) anti-virus software, firewalls, automatic patch management, and access control lists. For your part, we ask you to not give your EID password to anyone and to not connect any devices to the network or to your computer without contacting us first.  Examples of this include personal laptops, keyboards, and switches.

We may at times need to install software updates or reboot your computer, but we will make every attempt to do so at a time that is convenient to you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure about the security risks of an email, web site, program, etc.

Where to go for help

The primary way to contact us is by sending an email to  We will contact you within 24 hours (weekdays only).

Our Phone Numbers:

Eric Peterson (Team Lead):  512-471-2705

Nick Metzler:  512-232-5653

CFO-LAN Student Line:  512-475-9364

LAN orientation.pdf

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