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Work with your admin contact to on-board any new employee, work-study, or temporary employee.  Filling out the following form will assist them with the information needed to on-board the new hire(s).

FA LAN Employee Change Notification form.pdf

If there is not a computer currently located in the new hire's office, the LAN Team will require 2 business days to prepare and deploy a computer.  If your new hire will be getting a new desktop or laptop, let us know ASAP as it takes approximately 3 weeks to order and prepare one.  Desktops and laptops are paid for by the requesting department, so please send director approval and an account number for it to be charged.

Temporary\Work Study\Student Employees:

Workstations - Desktop computers may be supplied from CFO surplus inventory for temporary employees until their position becomes permanent. A new computer will have to be purchased at the time the temp to perm appointment becomes permanent. (See above for equipment turn around time)

Email Addresses - Unlike full time employees, temporary\work study\student employees will be provided an existing or newly created business owned service email account until their appointments become full time. This is so that the department\unit maintains ownership of the mailbox and it's contents. This also helps alleviate the additional administrative overhead associated with high turnover of temporary\work study\student employees.

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