Process to requesting an Instructional-Only Computer setup offered through the Dean's Office Undergraduate Instructional Fund.  Fund allows for a full standard setup to include a 24in monitor, full qwerty keyboard, wired mouse, and a dock if it is a windows machine. The purchase of any specialized software that is not currently funded by the College or UT (Mathematica, Matlab, Microsoft suite) is the responsibility of the instructor and their department.  Adapters to be used in classroom spaces will also be supplied with the system.  The expectation is that the system will be used in an instructional setting where students benefit from the use such as in a classroom setting. CNS classrooms have computers with a standardized set of software. If there is a need for other software, it is the responsibility of the instructor to use this laptop to share out the application in class via video adapters connected to the podium in the classroom. 

Step-by-step guide

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Confirm you a non-tenure track faculty member at UT.
  • Identify all undergraduate instructional courses you are teaching this year (Fall, Spring, Summer).
  • Identify what operating system you plan to work on  (windows, Mac, linux).
  • Identify any software your department needs to purchase licenses for and submit to your purchasing agent.
  • Identify any data transfers that must take place between your current system and the new one.

Step 3:

  • Send the request to our help form ( noting the information gathered above.
  • IT will review and respond with an eta for the deployment.  If there are no systems in stock, an expected delivery date will be supplied. 

Step 4: 

  • When system is ready for deployment, deployment tech will communicate via the original ticket to collect any data you wish to transfer and any software that needs to be installed.
  • A time will be scheduled between the instructor and the tech to set up the deployment and address access, setup, and peripheral installs.  Average deployments take 1.5 hrs but could take half a day (4hrs).
  • At this time, any questions should be addressed.

Step 5:

  • Upon completion of setup, tech will update ticket and leave open for a week.
  • Instructor may use original, active ticket during that week to request more changes to the setup.
  • At the end of the week, the ticket will be noted as completed and will be closed.
  • Once the original ticket is closed, any new issue or request is to be submitted via our help form.  

These are instructional use-only systems. They are not designed for research needs. Any data or application that is research-based is not subject to full support from CNS IT. These needs are addressed with a Best Effort approach.

Management tools are installed for inventory and campus compliance audits. CNS IT will also use these tools to assist with troubleshooting efforts. Removal of these tools or the CNSDOIT administrative account is subject to revocation of the system as it violates the intended purpose of said system.

Systems are subject to audits by University IT folk. Any personal data on any UT device is subject to open records requests.

Regular admin usage for daily tasks is against UT policy. System users are required to only use an admin account when necessary and run all tasks as a standard user.

All University Employees MUST take IT Security Training. To check your status, please go to: IT Security Awareness

All University Employees MUST sign the Acceptable Use Policy after reading ISO Acceptable Use Form