Open a web browser on your computer and go to the web address:

After the website loads, click on the button labeled Outlook Web App (OWA)

When prompted, enter your UT EID username and password. Then click the Sign In button. If you have successfully put in your correct EID and EID password, you will also need to do a 2FA (second factor authentication) with your Duo setup method. Hold your control key, or right click here and choose Open in new tab so you don't lose this page if you need to set that up.

If prompted, choose whether or not you would like to stay signed into the Office 365 web interface. If you are on a shared or public computer you should select No to ensure other computer users can't access your emails. If you are on a private and trusted computer then you can select Yes to stay signed into the web interface after you close your web browser.

The contents of your email inbox should now be displayed. Clicking on an email will display its contents in the right pane. There are buttons to create a new email and also to view your calendar.

If you want to sign out of the web interface you can do so by clicking on the icon in the top right corner and then clicking the Sign out link in the menu that appears.

Accessing a Delegated Email Account

If you need to access a different email account that you have been delegated access to, click here for a tutorial on how to do that.

If you are logged in and need to also access a shared mailbox resource, see this tutorial.