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NOTE - IF YOU HAVE LtRt or Stereo Mix Audio Tracks


see this link for workflow:

AVID – Import Sound Mix LtRt

Or please check Pans on tracks and make sure they are panned Left and Right for a stereo output

Note #2 - If you have imported the files from Resolve you need to remove the previous image transformations that AVID may have applied prior to your color grade in Resolve.

If you sequence comes into AVID from resolve with these

Icons on the timeline you should remove them.

To do this duplicate your timeline. Right click the timeline and choose duplicate.



On the copy of the timeline > select it>go to Clip>and choose Refresh Sequence> All


This will remove all the other transformations that you did prior to your color correction in Resolve.



All the Icons will go away leaving the untouched files that were exported from resolve. The time line will look like this.
Next Turn on the Full Green or 10 bit setting on the timeline
Mark an Inpoint and and Outpoint in the timeline. Example of how timeline should look before exporting

Next go to >File>Output>Export to File

Click on Options

a. Choose Export As QuickTime Movie, Use Marks, Use Enabled Tracks
b. Uncheck Same as Source by clicking on the Custom button
c. Click on Video and Audio or what you want to export
d. Video Format Change to 1920 x 1080

 e. Display Aspect Ratio leave on Native Dimensions

Color Levels Setting - PLEASE READ VERY Important


Keep as legal range setting selected


Click on Format Options


Movie Settings:


Click on Video Settings

Select the Apple ProRes Codec Compression

Frame Rate Current
Click OK 

Click on Sound Settings

Choose Linear PCM

Stereo L R

48 kHz

Linear PCM Settings

Sample Size 24

Quality Normal 

Note - Make sure Little Endian is checked

Click OK

This is how the QuickTime Movie Settings should look

Click OK

Uncheck Prepare for Internet Streaming
Fast Start

This is how the AVID export window should be set
Video Format as shown here. 1920 x 1080 Size to Fit

Display Aspect Ratio leave on Native Dimensions




>Keep at Legal Range

Click on Save and will be prompted to select a place to save the quicktime. 
Then click Save and the export will start.