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This workflow is to be used only if the hard drive has never been used with AVID before as we will be copying over AVID directories deleting any old AVID media in the process.

On the DOCK of any Moody College Lab Mac

click on Shares or

On Macintosh HD double click on Shares to open

Go to class_folders and double click.
Enter your EID as your user name and your EID password as your password

Locate the AVID Project you want to use

Open it and copy the Avid MediaFiles folder and paste it on to the "Root" level of your hard drive.

Example shown here
Copy the Entire "Avid MediaFiles" folder over to the "Root" level of your hard drive

Then copy "the project file" this is the AVID Project File over to your hard drive. This can go in any folder that you want.

The next project to copy over is "another avid project if you need it


These files are located in >class_folders>Classmedia>Dreamcatcher

Copy the entire
"OMFI MediaFiles" folder to the root level of your personal hard drive.

This DC_2010(RENAME) is the project folder that you can copy and place anywhere on your hard drive.

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