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Click on link above

Choose The Download icon shown here

The files will start to zip and prepare to download

Choose to download anyway

When the files are finished downloading

Click on Show in Finder to see the file

in the downloads folder

Double click to unzip all of them

Then open Media Composer

click on "New Project"

then click on the folder icon to navigate to where you want to save your project then

Name the Project "OMID" - YOUR Name

Set the Format 720/29.97

Raster dimension 1280 x 720

Color Space YCbCr 601

Choose Create

All the way at the bottom of the screen

Now bring the files into AVID

In the open BIN right click in the bin and go to

>Input>Source Browser

Navigate to your file where you downloaded it (probably in downloads folder)

Choose Link NOT Import

Select your target Bin and choose LINK again

Click on the Red X to close the source browser

The clip will have a little "chain" link icon on it to show it's linked

Select all of the clips in the bin to transcode

With the file selected in the bin

>Go to >Clip >Consolidate/Transcode

Choose Transcode

Choose your Hard Drive as the Target Drive

Choose the Target Video Resolution as Apple ProRes (Proxy)

Choose to convert the audio to 48 KHz and 24 Bit

Then choose to Transcode to get the process going

The files will take a while to transcode but after that you can start editing with the transcoded file (it will

You can then delete the clip with the chainlink icon.

Select the clip and press the delete key on your keyboard and choose to delete master clip

That is it your media should open in the project and you can edit.