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Launch the ISIS Client Manager and mount your AVID ISIS volume if you have one. Or make sure your hard drives are connected with the Sony F5 footage loaded on them.

Launch AVID

In the AVID Select Project Window choose the Folder Icon to select the destination to store your new project.

Navigate to the location you would like to save your project and select "Open"

Select "New Project"

Choose a name for your project>

Format Choose 2K>2K DCI Full 2048x1080>23.98

Go to >File>Link to Media

Navigate to the files that contain your F5 footage and any other clips that you would like to bring into your project.

Leave the plug in at "Autodetect" Choose "Open"

Leave at the default setting "Bin Based on Current AMA Setting"

Click OK – Depending on how many Bins that contain footage you may have to Click OK on this "Dialog Box" a few times.

Just Keep Clicking OK

Right Click on the Grey Bar at the top of the Bin and "Choose Columns"

Choose the following at least>

Color Transformation – to see the LUT that AVID will auto select

Format, FPS,

Choose Reformat to see what AVID will do when it shows the file in 1080.

Source Path is good so you can make sure your project is AMA linking to all your cards.

Choose Video

Click OK

The columns will appear in the bin

To look at the LUT that AVID automatically chooses to apply to your files right click the clip and choose "Source Settings"

The default LUT is probably the most accurate but you can import LUTS using the Color Management Settings and or loading templates from the drop down

Select the AMA linked Clips in the bin and choose "Consolidate/Transcode"

Choose Transcode>

Choose the Raster Dimensions as "Source dimensions"
This reduces the size of the source by ¼ but still looks great!

Choose to Keep source's
frame rate

Target Video Resolution

Scaling Quality is Half (Best Quality)

Choose to use the color encoding so that your footage does not look flat and dull. The color encoding is only applied to the transcoded files. Your source files are not affected.

Choose "Transcode"

The Resulting clips will have the following settings.
DNxHR LB is the codec and the clip aspect ratio is 2048 x 1080 at 23.976 fps. This is the original aspect ratio of the clip.

Move all the transcoded files to their own bin and close the AMA linked files bin because we will use that bin when we do the final conform to the "Native" files.

The next step is to organize the files by shoot day then use this
wiki to sync the footage.

NOTE THIS IS THE OFFLINE PROJECT SETUP - YOU WILL NEED TO READ THIS WIKI FOR RELINKING TO THE "UNCOMPRESSED" FILES FOR FINAL CONFORMAVID – How To Export an .aaf and QuickTime export to Davinci Resolve After Relinking to 2K or 4K Native files for