Export file out of AVID using this workflow

AVID - How to export a timeline as a MXF OP1a .mxf file

Open Premiere 

Go to Project Location

Pull down the menu and

Choose a location to save your file

Choose the location to save the Premiere Project

Choose to Create a New Project

Click on the Media Browser tab and navigate to

the exported files location on the hard drive

Right click the file and choose to Import into

the project

Drag the imported file over into the Timeline area

this will create a sequence

Click Save on your project


Next open


The Text Panel will open

Make sure that "Captions" tab is selected

Click on Transcribe Sequence

Make sure the right sequence is loaded in the 

>Sequence Name

Transcribing will begin

Once the subtitles are generated, the captions panel will display each section of dialogue

in it's new format and a new track will be added on the timeline

Click on "Create captions"

Choose Create from sequence transcript

Use Subtitle default

Format Subtitle

Click Create

Click on the 3 dot option button

Choose Export to SRT file

Title the file and choose Save

Next step will be converting the .srt to an .stl for AVID and then bring into AVID for final delivery

How to convert a .srt to a .stl file that will import in AVID Media Composer as Closed or Open Captions