Axler Foldable Crane Slider

You can achieve smooth and steady linear slides, as well as parabolic slides--where the camera pans along with the slide while keeping the subject in frame. And, all this is done by moving a comfortable knob handle to one side or the other. The Foldable Crane Slider is designed for medium-sized DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, and supports a max payload of 4.5 lb. The slider attaches to your tripod facing forward, slides from the middle to either side a distance of 14", and extends out to 28" from end to end. Using an included ball head, mount your camera on the "Linear" mounting point on the very front of the slider, and move it back to the "Parabolic" position for panning slides. Both positions offer a 1/4"-20 mounting screw. The ball head is compact and made of aluminum, but you can use any other matching ball head if you'd like.

Axler Crane Slider Quick Start Guide.pdf