This is the way the camera is packed 

in the Case 

Make Note of where items are located

To attach the lens take off the lens caps on the lens

Also remove the lens cover on the camera

Then line up the lens with the camera matching

where the white squares are on the lens and the camera

As shown here

When lined up the lens will gently attach to the body by twisting 

counter clockwise.  DO NOT FORCE THIS!

This is the button you press to release the camera lens

from the camera to remove it when you are finished by

Pressing the lens release button on the body and turning the lens about a quarter turn clockwise will remove it.

Turn the camera over and insert the charged battery

into the slot in the camera handle

Close and make sure the door is latched

Attach the microphone to the hotshoe mount on top of

the camera and plug in the mini plug for the mic to the

Audio input on the side of the camera 

SD Card slot is on the side of the camera

Flip the door open and insert the card like the example

shown here

Turn On the camera

Make sure the camera is set to "Video" the RED

"film" camera icon

Press the "Menu" button to start setting up the camera

This is how you navigate the menus

Press the sides and top/bottom to navigate and then press

SET to apply the setting

First setting is to clear all camera settings

to reset to default

Click to the 3rd tab from the right and scroll down to

Clear all camera settings

Click yes here to Clear all camera settings to set the 

camera back to the default state

Next Click to the 6th tab from the right and scroll down to

>Format Card

Click OK to format the SD

card to begin recording to a fresh card

Next Click to the 6th tab from the left and scroll down to

>Movie rec. size and select it by pressing set

Choose the setting

1920 x 1080 ALL-I

Click Set

Keeping on the same tab 6th tab from the right

and scroll down to Sound recording and press set to select

Choose Sound rec. set to Manual and press set

Now adjust your sound level here pressing the arrows

to turn up and down level input

Audio level should be set around 12 db

When you have a good input level press SET

Press the INFO. button

Now you can see your 

Audio Levels and the

Battery Life indicators

This button on the lens sets the focus to 

Auto Focus = AF or Manual Focus = MF

Leave on AF for better results when you are learning

Next adjust the light coming into the camera

Turning this dial sets the shutter speed.

You always want your shutter speed

2 times your frame rate so

50 is the best setting since our frame

rate is set to 23.98

Then adjust your F-Stop or Aperture

Turning this dial sets your Aperture or 


to make the image brighter or darker


The overlay shows 50 Shutter Speed

and the Fstop is 3.5

To start recording video 

Press the Start/Stop button to toggle recording on and off

To view a recorded clip press the Blue Playback Button

Click the screen to start playing the clip or clips

When finished recording turn the camera OFF

Wait a second to make sure the camera powers down and then

eject the card and put it into a SD card reader.

All our lab seats have them in the IMacs

Look at the data on the card and copy the entire file structure

to a folder on your hard drive to archive.  Do not just take

the .mov files take the entire card folder structure.

Read more about how to on this wiki

How to Backup your Audio & Video Storage Card Media (MAC/WINDOWS)

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