To remote into a computer for tech support

both the Host and the Client you are

assisting must turn on remote support

to enable this go to



Go to the General Tab

Then you will see the "View More Settings"

Click on that

click on Settings in the left column

Go to Settings > In Meeting (Basic)

Scroll all the way down to >Remote Control and make sure it is on

Then go to >Settings > In Meeting Advanced

Turn on Remote Support

Click Turn On - but it'll turn off Breakout Room

Now should be able to control the other computer once the user

turns this on

Then the technician/host should start a meeting in zoom and invite the

client to it

Invite the client - choose Copy URL

and send it to them in teams or email

Once both parties are in the zoom meeting

On the Technicians / Hosts Computer

Go to > Support Request Desktop Control

Click on Request when this prompt comes up

Have the client choose Approve

The client will have to approve this in System Preferences

choose >Open System Preferences

Have the client enter in their admin user name and Password to

unlock system preferences

go to



>check the box next to

close system preferences

This box will show the status of the control session

This is what the client sees

Now the status shows that the technician is

controlling the clients screen

This is what the client sees

This is what the technician sees that you are controlling the

desktop of the client - sorry this is confusing as I was making this wiki

as the client and the technician

I the view options you can choose to use your keyboard layout

Meeting controls

You should now be able to work on the clients desktop and help


When finished this menu is where you can choose to

Stop Remote Control

Then Leave the Meeting