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The Auto Meter III F is a modified version of the regular Auto Meter III. The primary added feature was the ability to measure flash. The meter does not have a power button, the screen will automatically deactivate after two minutes of inactivity. Pressing the recall button awakens the screen, and your previous measurement will be displayed. The display will blink if the battery is too low. There is a measurement lock switch to prevent taking of measurements.

The Auto Meter IV F was released in 1992. It has a newly designed body, with expanded metering sensitivity. The measuring head can be rotated 280 degrees. The traditional dome sphere can be removeable, and accessories like viewfinders can be installed. Measurements can be done in ambient, flash in a corded or non corded mode which takes a measurement after detecting a firing flash. The center bottom of the face has a pc sync cord connection. Measurements can be displayed on the LCD in EV mode as well as a traditional aperture and shutter speed. This is a shutter priority meter meaning you choose the desired shutter speed with buttons on the side of the body and when pressing the measure function; the proper aperture is calculated and displayed.

Manual: Minolta Auto Meter IV-F.pdf

Manual: Minolta Auto Meter III-F.pdf