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FF stands for full frame, and every lens in the set covers a full frame image sensor without vignetting and is designed for 4K image capture. The Xenon FF lenses are color-matched to a standard at the factory, minimizing color shift when changing lenses. They feature a 14-blade iris, providing natural looking bokeh, with circular out of focus highlights, 300° of lens barrel rotation, and share lens gear positions and size.

The lens features a barrel with a large circumference, providing wide spacing for focus marks. Opposing focus scales provide properly oriented focus marks on both sides, so an assistant can pull focus from either side of the lens. Lens gears for focus and iris allow you to use the lens with industry standard lens accessories. 

We check these lenses out in a kit, including:

Schneider Xenon FF 25mm T2.1 Lens

Schneider Xenon FF 35mm T2.1 Lens

Schneider Xenon FF 50mm T2.1 Lens

Schneider Xenon FF 75mm T2.1 Lens

Schneider Xenon FF 100mm T2.1 Lens

Lens Transport Info

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