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FAMDEM: Family Analysts Meeting to Discuss Emerging Manuscripts

FAMDEM, originated in Fall 2008, is a friendly, informal group for students, faculty, and postdocs to present early results from (and get feedback on) their research on Family Demography. Families are central to many social processes at the macro and micro levels. Marriage and childcare continue to be highly gendered, with implications for stratification in the workplace. Changes in work and social policy over the past century have had profound implications for social expectations about marriage, fertility, and intergenerational relationships. Families continue to link the opportunities of children to those of their parents and thus families are still central to (re)production of the next generation. These are some of the topics of research FAMDEM members discuss at meetings.

We meet from 1-2 Wednesdays in RLP 2.706 (PRC Conference room) via zoom.

If you would like to join FAMDEM or if you are a member who would like to present send an email to

Upcoming presentations.    

     February 3 – Responding to an R&R by Diane Coffey

     March 3 –  "Transnational marriages: A test of competing explanations" by Inbar Weiss. Discussant: Jeffrey Swindle

     March 10 – “Patterns of Household Extension and Instability: Evidence of Family Institutionalization?” presented by Kelly Raley. Discussant: Kathryn Wiley.

     March 24 – "Unraveling Mate Selection Processes Through Conjoint Survey Experiments" by Kara Joyner

     April 7 – "Excess neonatal mortality among private facility births in rural India: a demographic analysis of a nationally representative survey" by Diane Coffey. Discussant: Shannon Cavanagh

     April 21 – open

Recent presentations

November 11. "World Culture on the Ground: Varied Effects of Gender Violence Campaigns" by Jeffrey Swindle. Discussant: Isabel McLoughlin Brooks.

October 28. “Gender and Children’s Racial Classification in Interracial Families” by Carolina Aragao. Discussant: Michael Garcia.

October 14. “Neighborhood Homicides and Intimate Partner Violence Among Young Couples” by Abigail Weitzman, Michelle Eilers, and Allen Mallory. Discussant: Diane Coffey.

September 30.  "Gender norms, sexual scripts, and emotional responses to sexual encounters in young adulthood: A survey vignette experiment" by Michelle Eilers

September 16.  “A Research Note on Divorce Rates in the New Millennium” by Kimberly McErlean. Discussant: Inbar Weiss

April 22. Kristen Burke and Kelly Raley. "The Surprising and Mysterious Decline in Non-Marital Fertility: Are recent declines in non-marital fertility the result of increases in contraception?"

March 25. Kathleen Broussard "Religion and Health Seeking Behaviors of Women in Rural Malawi" (informal)   

March 4. Eliza Brown, "Fertility Intentions and Attitudes towards Twins from Fertility Treatments." Discussant: Kathleen Broussard.

February 19. Christina Caramanis. "Income and Stable Center-based Childcare: Evidence from the Earned Income Tax Credit" PRACTICE JOB TALK. 

January 22. M. Carolina Aragão "Interracial Unions and Division of Housework in Brazilian Households." Informal.     

November 20. Kelly Raley. "Using Macros in stata."       

November 6. Joanna Pepin. "Gender Flexibility, But Not Equality: Young Adult’s Division of Labor Preferences"

October 23. Christina Caramanis. "The Long-term Effect of Bullying Victimization on Adolescents’ Self-rated Health: Mental Health as a Mediator and Gender as a Moderator." Discussant: Carolina Aragão

       September 25. Diane Coffey. "Measurement of population mental health: Lessons from a mobile phone survey in India" (informal)

       September 11. Kick-off meeting. Inbar Weiss presents 2 paper abstracts for submission to PAA.

       June 12.  Shannon Cavanagh. "The Sibship Penalty and Health: Findings from a Comparative Analysis." (informal)

        May 15. Jennifer Glass. "Estimates of U.S. Mothers’ Lifetime Risk of Becoming a Primary Breadwinner" (informal)

April 17.  Christina Caramanis. "Child Care Choices and Academic Outcomes: The Moderating Role of Socio-Demographic Structure." Discussant: Haley Stritzel

March 27. Rachel Donnelly. "Precarious Work and Marital Dissolution among Mid- and Later-Life Adults."  

March 27. Hyungmin Cha. "Socioeconomic Disadvantage, Life Course Dynamics, and Sexual Efficacy During the Transition to Adulthood" 


M. Carolina Aragao, Graduate Student
Kathleen Brousard, Graduate Student
Kristen Burke, Graduate Student
Christina Caramanis, Graduate Student
Shannon Cavanagh, Professor
Robert Crosnoe, Professor
Diane Coffey, Professor 
Michelle Eilers, Graduate Student
Elizabeth Ela, Postdoc
Michael Garcia, Graduate Student
Jennifer Glass, Professor
Kim McErlean, Graduate Student
Isabel McLoughlin Brooks, Graduate Student
Kelly Raley, Professor

Asya Saydam, Graduate Student
Haley Stritzel, Graduate Student
Yiwen Wang, Graduate Student
Inbar Weiss, Graduate Student
Kathryn Wiley, Graduate Student

Select Publications

Gupta, Aashish and Diane Coffey. forthcoming. "Caste, religion, and mental health in India" Population Research and Policy Review.

Broussard, Kathleen and Abigail Weitzman. forthcoming. “Fertility Ideals and Sibling Loss: Evidence from the High Mortality Context of Peru.” Population Studies. 

Dernberger, Brittany N. and Joanna R. Pepin. 2020. Young Adults’ Expectations of the Division of Labor in their Future Families. Sociological Science. doi: 10.15195/v7.a2

Wikle, Jocelyn S., Elizabeth Ackert, and Alexander C. Jensen. 2019. "Companionship Patterns and Emotional States During Social Interactions for Adolescents With and Without Siblings. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 48: 2190-2206. 

Coffey, Diane and Dean Spears. Forthcoming. "Neonatal Death in India: Birth Order in a Context of Maternal Undernutrition."   The Economic Journal.    

Villanueva, Aida and Ken-Hou Lin.  Conditionally accepted. “Motherhood Wage Penalties in Latin America: The Significance of Labor Informality”.  Social Forces

Raley, R. Kelly, Inbar Weiss, Robert Reynolds, Shannon Cavanagh. 2019. "Estimating Children's Household Instability from Birth until Age 18 using Longitudinal Household Roster Data.” Demography , 56(5): 1957-1973. 10.1007/s13524-019-00806-1.

Rachel Donnelly, Debra Umberson, and Tetyana Pudrovska. 2018. "Family Member Death and Subjective Life Expectancy Among Black and White Older Adults." Journal of Aging & Health 

Ackert, Elizabeth, Robert Ressler, Arya Ansari, and Robert Crosnoe. 2018. "Maternal Employment, Community Contexts, and the Child-Care Arrangements of Diverse Groups." Journal of Marriage and Family 80:1210-1224. 

Yahirun, Jenjira and Erika Arenas. 2018. "Offspring Migration and Parents' Emotional and Psychological Well-being in Mexico." Journal of Marriage and Family

Cobb, J. Adam and Ken-Hou Lin. 2017. “Growing Apart: The Declining Firm-Size Wage Effect and Its Wage Inequality Consequence.” Organization Science 28: 429-446.

Ansari, Arya, et al.. 2017. "Differential Third-Grade Outcomes Associated with Attending Publicly Funded Preschool Programs for Low Income Latino Children." Child Development 88: 1743-1756

Olson, Julie Skalamera and Robert Crosnoe. 2017. “Are You Still Bringing Me Down? Romantic Involvement and Depressive Symptoms from Adolescence to Young Adulthood.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior .

Frisco, Michelle, Marin R. Wenger, and Derek A. Kreager. 2017. "Extradyadic sex and union dissolution among young adults in opposite-sex married and cohabiting unions." Social Science Research. 62: 291-304.

Kuo, Janet Chen-Lan and R. Kelly Raley. 2016. “Is it All about Money? Work Characteristics and Women’s and Men’s Marriage Formation in Early Adulthood.” Journal of Family Issues. 37:1046-1073 DOI: 10.1177/0192513X14530973

Kim, Yujin and R. Kelly Raley. 2015. “Race-Ethnic Differences in the Non-marital Fertility Rates in 2006–2010. Population Research and Policy Review. 34(1): 141-159. DOI: 10.1007/s11113-014-9342-9

Augustine, Jennifer March and R. Kelly Raley. April 2013. “Multigenerational Households and the School Readiness of Children Born to Unmarried Mothers.” Journal of Family Issues 34(4): 431-459. DOI: 10.1177/0192513X12439177

Raley, R. Kelly, Kim, Yujin, and Kimberly Daniels. 2012. “Young adults' fertility expectations and events, Associations with college enrollment and persistence.” Journal of Marriage and Family. 74: 866-879. DOI: 10.1111/j.1741-3737.2012.00990.x

McNamee, Catherine M. and R. Kelly Raley. 2011. “A Note on Race, Ethnicity and Nativity Differentials in Remarriage in the United States.” Demographic Research. DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2011.24.13

Uecker, Jeremy E and Mark D. Regnerus. 2010. Bare Market: Campus Sex Ratios, Romantic Relationships, and Sexual Behavior. The Sociological Quarterly 51: 408-435

Past Participants currently in academic or research  positions

Liz Ackert, Assistant Professor of Geography, University of California Santa Barbara.  
Jennifer Augustine, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, University of South Carolina
Kimberly Daniels, Associate Service Fellow at National Center for Health Statistics
Rachel Donnelly, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Vanderbilt University
Shih-Yi Chao, Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Southampton 
Michelle Frisco, Associate Professor of Sociology and Demography, Penn State University
Conrad Hackett, Associate Director, Senior Demographer, Pew Research Center
Carol Johnston, Assistant Professor, Human Development and Family Science, East Carolina University
Sarah Kendig, Associate Professor Arkansas State University
Yujin Kim, Assistant Professor, Kangwon University
Rhiannon Kroeger, Assistant Professor Louisiana State University
Janet Kuo, Assistant Professor National Taiwan University

Danya Lagos
David McClendon, Principal, January Advisors
Cate McNamee, Lecturer (tenure track) Queen’s University Belfast
David Pedulla, Assistant Professor,  Stanford University

Joanna Pepin, Assistant Professor
Kate Prickett, Director of the Roy McKenzie Centre for the Study of Families and Children and a senior lecturer in the School of Government at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand
Goleen Samari, Assistant Professor, Columbia University, Population and Family Health
Chuck Stokes, Associate Professor, Samford University
Kate Sullivan, Senior Researcher, American Institutes for Research
Jeremy Uecker Associate Professor Baylor University

Aida Villanueva
Jenjira Yahirun Assistant Professor, Bowling Green State University

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