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  1. Process payments, reimbursements
    1. Create payment vouchers in *DEFINE:
      1. Travel Reimbursement to employees, students, visitors: VP5
      2. Payment/reimbursement to vendors, employees: VP2
      3. Payment voucher with a P.O. Number (purchase order number): VP1
        1. Payment processing:

          1. Aaron Ulmer receives the invoice for contract service or purchase order. He reviews, signs, and dates the invoice before delivering it to the Senior Administrative Associate for payment processing.

          2. Payment processing includes ensuring the invoice is stamped with "Invoice Received", dated, and signed plus stamped with "Good/Services Received", dated, and signed.
          3. Concerning purchase orders, a copy of the purchase order must be included in the payment documents, along with the invoice and any other documents Aaron provides.
      4. Entertainment - Requires Official Occasion Expense Form (OOEF) (food/beverages, Get well cards, Sympathy card/flowers, etc.): VPE
        1. Alcoholic beverage policies:

          1. Total food expense should be more than half of the total alcoholic beverage expense. Occasional Exception: With the Dean's approval signature on the OOEF, alcoholic beverages can be more than half.

          2. Only food can be compared with alcoholic beverage cost - Room fees, sodas, coffee, etc. cannot be included in the food expense.

          3. When serving alcoholic beverages at campus events, the event planner must request and receive approval for a bartender. Planner must ensure that a TABC/Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission-licensed bartender will serve alcoholic drinks.

      5. Process Co-Sponsorships: VP2 -https://financials.utexas.edu/hbp/part-9/1-10-co-sponsorships
        1. Voucher must include completed Co-Sponsorship Approval Form - Describe the event/function; state how funds will be used; and note the benefit to UT and how UT will receive recognition.
          1. Dean determines the amount of co-sponsorship and gives written approval of co-sponsorship
          2. Dean's or Financial Manager's signature must be on the Approval Form
        2. Documents should include emails and other information relating to the co-sponsorship.
      6. Prepare "Check Pick Up" documents. In DEFINE, choose check distribution code "P". See: https://purchasing.utexas.edu/ap/check-pick .
      7. Prepare "Rush" documents for payment vouchers. See: hhttps://austin-utexas.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3994/kw/rush%20payment .
  2. Review and/or access scanned/processed documents. If there a question about a document:
    1. Check the document in *DEFINE and review the notes within the document by typing "NOT" in *DEFINE's “Action” section (top, left; under “Status”) and click "enter/return".
    2. If more information is needed and if document has been scanned by UT's Office of Accounting, go to the “Image Retrieval System” ( https://utdirect.utexas.edu/acct/image/image_pdf.WBX ) in UT Direct, where you can view/print out document, using the following steps:
      1. Enter search criteria for the image you wish to view:
        1. Choose Image Type from drop-down menu: "Document ID" or "Travel RTA Number"
        2. Enter Search Value: the Document Number or Travel RTA Number.
        3. Click on "Get Image Info"
  3. Create vendors/update vendor information (update address, phone number). Go to GGV in *DEFINE. See: