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1) Make sure you're on the newer code base (evidenced by a blue block-y layout as below, rather than white space). If not, get yourself there by following these instructions.

2) To view the class metrics as a whole, navigate to 'exam dashboard' on the left side bar. Notice: the assignment must be in test mode in order for this to be seen; in order for webcam footage to be seen 'enable webcam' must also be checked

3) The exam dashboard offers a one stop centralized place to monitor students as they are taking their exam. A few of the features include:

  • the ability to add time to all students uniformly
  • monitoring students status (not started, in progress, completed, timed out)
  • adding time individually to students who may be experiencing technical problems
  • view student's webcam footage
  • confirmation of the ADA time multiplier for SSD students

Please note that, as with all things that live on the lbtest site, this is under construction. If you have any questions or concerns about what something or what the limits of the functionality here is please do reach out--

4a) There are other ways to get useful information too. To see more granular individual student work (ie what they've submitted, what questions they have and have not done). To access select answer key (on the left side bar, submissions will also work) for the specific assignment.

Answer Key, on the left side bar

4b) Drill down into an individual student...

4c) and click Webcam for testing footage.

5) If there's a timing concern as to when the student started their exam, please head over to submissions, which provides some timestamp data by pushing the dark + on the right hand side for each student.

The proctoring overlay may continue to evolve (ie these turned into flipbooks, keystroke capture) in the coming months and offer additional features. Stay tuned!

If you are at UT Austin and currently want more stringent monitoring (ie keystroke, webcam browser lockdown, room scan, etc), please consider using Proctorio (which is already integrated with Canvas), and asking students to access the assignment through Canvas to have all of Proctorio's monitoring in place. Quest is not directly integrated with Proctorio.

Questions? Concerns? We want to hear from you!

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