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Quest is developing a web-cam based proctoring overlay that shows students a live video feed of themselves, and takes frequent intermittent snapshots to be turned into a flipbook for instructor perusal. The Quest webcam does not have danger thresholds crossed that are flagged or indicated to the instructor (ie someone entering the room, a different person than your student taking the exam, having more than the assessment tab open)–it is your responsibility to monitor your students and address any suspicious behavior with this tool. The following screen shots give the users a beginning scope of what to expect (and are also posted on the student facing page).

As the Instructor you have the option to prompt for webcam (in which case students can deny it and continue) or require webcam (in which case students must allow in order to get access to the test).

1) Open the assignment. You will be promoted to share your camera. (if you aren't please send a note to to turn on the webcam for given assignment)

2) Video confirmation that the connection has been made will show in the lower left hand corner (note instructions can be tailored to your specifics); there will be a small red video camera in the URL, and actively recording tab showing now too.

(in URL field)

(on active tab)

(on screen!)

3) Video feed will continue as students progress, and stop once the tab the exam is being administered in is closed.

4) If a student enters an answer but does not click 'submit answer' they will be told their response will not be saved.

5) Due to feedback, students now CAN change their test answers after their initial selection before their time or due date is up.

6) After the exam is over, the collected screenshots captured and be made available to instructors (upcoming but not ready yet: compiled into a flipbook). To access these gems, navigate to where these live on our back up server (replacing 'quest' in the URL with 'lbtest'), select answer key (on the left side bar) for the specific assignment, or submissions, drill down into an individual student, and select webcam.

Answer Key, on the left side bar

Click webcam for testing footage.

A walk through of this feature can be observed or listened to, thanks to the UT physics department (circa spring 20).

Proctoring overlay will continue to evolve in the coming weeks and offer additional features. Stay tuned!

Questions? Concerns? We want to hear from you!

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