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  • How do I unconsolidate my mailboxes in Outlook 2011
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By default, Outlook 2011 consolidates all of the email accounts you have set up into one "Inbox," with the inboxes for each individual account underneath it, like this:

To de-consolidate your accounts and separate all of your various inboxes back out into their own section of the left side navigation pane, try the following:

1. Under the "Outlook" menu, select "Preferences..."

2. Click on the "General" button in the "Personal Settings" section of the preferences window.

3. Uncheck the box labeled "Group similar folders, such as Inboxes, from different accounts"

4. You should also uncheck the box labeled "Hide On My Computer folders," as that will keep you from being able to file email in local folders.

5. Close the window and enjoy.