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UGS OOEF Student 2021

DocuSign allows the creation of Power Forms, which will guide you through the procedures of filling out and signing the document in a template.

There are currently 5 Power Forms for different occassions.

Business Processing Form

Business Processing Form Student

OOEF & BPF Pre Approved

OOEF & BPF Post Approved

OOEF & BPF Post Approved Student

Starting the form

Upon clicking the link you will be taken to the power form start page for that particular form.

Business Processing Form, OOEF BPF Pre Approved, OOEF BPF Post Approved

The UT Contact and Director emails are in the EID email format (

Business Processing Form Student, OOEF BPF Post Approved Student 

 Students are to use their Utexas mail account. The UT Purchaser and Director emails are in the EID email format (

Current Director's List

Melinda Heidenreich - 
Phaedra Abbott - 
Lara Harlan - 
Patricia Micks - 
Jennifer Nailos - 
Hillary Procknow - 
Paige Schilt – 
Jeanette Herman - 
Lori Holleran Steiker - 
Mitch Jacobson - 
Jeff Handy -        

NOTE: If an OOEF is being created by someone in the Business Office, they cannot use the Chief Business Officer as a director. They must use the UGS Finance contact.

All forms will be asked for an Access Code to validate. Only the Student or UT Contact will have to input this code.

If you use Firefox and are asked to access your location, choose "Don't Allow". Other browsers may also ask something similar. Choose 'No' or a similar option. You should also check to "Remember this decision" or it will prompt you each time.

If at any time you see these screens to "Log in to DocuSign" or to your account, for Students it will be the Utexas email account and for staff it will be the EID email format ( If you see the normal EID login page, please log in with your EID credentials.

The forms will prompt you for everything you need.

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