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  • 2014-08-28 Meeting Notes
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27 August 2014

Attendees Invited


  • Priorities for 2014-15 UTSC Communications Committee

Discussion Items

 time for monthly commcomm meeting?  
 all tasks
  • Who does what?
  • check website, meeting times, etc...
  • take notes at gen meeting,
  • write summary
  • proof/correct etc.
  • Regroup group email help/assistance
  • social media
  • "Did you know?..."
  • outreach
  • stickies
 individual skills  


meeting summary 


 note taking  
 regroup heard from jason that some of his folks are confused
 did you know repository, tweet/facebook

SOcial media "stewards"

Have two commcomm members as "stewards" for these functions?


facebook stewards

twitter stewards

regroup stewards?

 sticky notes from retreat  

New business:

Sticky note feedback

  • Informational Forums - cornered
  • Continue updates on social media
  • Continue updates on meetings and what is going on at campus
  • How to get good communication to staff
  • Outreach within the community
    • UT sponsored charity activities
    • Charity marathon
    • Habitat for Humanity
  • How to raise a profile for staff council
    • Many still do no know what we do
  • Better communication before big changes are made on campus as VoIP
  • Improving communications
  • Need webpage to see how UT is doing, what changes have been made and things we can do
  • More flexible  work hours/arrangements
    • Better flex time options
    • Possibly working 4 10 hour work days or 1/2 day on Friday to help reduce departmental expenses and boost staff moral
    • Telecommuting - all supervisors on board
    • Encouraging telecommuting when applicable
    • Learn more about retirement and insurance - have HR contact person invited to staff meetings
  • More campus sponsored events to bring staff together to boost morale and have them partially funded
    • Meet-up groups
    • Alana compiled a list of organizations for staff
    • Send "did you know" emails (#didyouknow)
  • @austin email to for all staff
  • Survey service for staff (used to be survey station) - now it's Qualtrics
  • Empowering employees - putting/getting university department resources available for individiaul departments to inform employees of benefits (ie. HR reps talk about ed staff benefit - but more personalize to the department)
  • Can staff council interface with outside entities like city council, etc? Entities where there are no campus representatives.
  • Bridging gaps between departments that often work together (especially university-wide departments like HR, accounting, IT, etc.)
  • How to get more staff involved with staff council?
  • Stronger encouragement for telecommuting (Did you know?)
  • Small focused tours of campus for new employees; more of getting to know who/what is in each building (Did you know?)
  • Insurance/FML - Adrienne Howarth-Moore to talk about these topics at the SC meetings.
  • Send out Doodle to get everyone's schedule to regular meetings outside of SC meetings.
  • Communications email need to be updated. Phil to check with Stuart.

Action Items